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    Backlinking question?

    Point them to the actual article (your 2nd example above). Of course, you can gain "authority" for your blog and thus higher rankings if you also gradually send backlinks to your website and blog as well.
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    Meeting with my first SEO potential client tomorrow.

    You should be prepared to give several suggestions to improve the SEO of their website and be aware of their overall web presence; rankings, videos, directories, mentions, etc. It's also impressive to have done a little homework on a couple of their competitors.
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    If you're still offering a coupon, I'd like one... thanks
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    Authority Social Bookmarking Software - Nail Google Updates!!

    Just started using this software; so far, so good. I'm big into social bookmarking and the huge blasts just don't seem to get the job done anymore... in fact, the 1000+ blasts seem to hurt as often as they help. Targeting the better sites is certainly a much safer/smarter way to go IMO. Will...
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    Is content really the king in SEO

    "Content is King". Exactly what Google has wanted us to buy into for a long, long time. They have promoted this saying for a few years now, and it seems that it has been quite successful. But, is Content REALLY King??? Not much more than it ever was, IMO if you're talking about strictly...
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    [Advice] New Site - Not Ranking

    I think you need to give it a MINIMUM of 90 days to begin ranking. A new domain takes time in today's SEO environment. Certainly, the more difficult the keywords, the longer it take as well, but 90 days, in general, is what you need to wait. Remember, "competition" can be a tricky thing. Just...
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    Anyone can learn SEO…?

    By the power vested in me by the god of Google, I now pronounce you an: SEO EXPERT
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    Facebook Page Name Change !

    I know this was asked long ago; but just go to the FB page, click "settings", click "Page Info" and then click "Name" on top of the list; you can edit the page name there.
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    Facebook Custom Audience Update—Safe to use Emails?

    I've had no issues with emails at all as of today.
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    Facebook Advertising Questions Answered !

    Follow-up Question on pricing: Is it a percentage of ad spend or do you calculate it some other way. Just trying to determine what a "fair" price is for the client. Are clients looking for sales, likes, conversions, or something else? Are there industries that you particularly like to target...
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    Facebook Advertising Questions Answered !

    What exactly are you selling your local business clients? Are you in charge of their whole FB acct. (posting, etc) or just FB ads? How is your success tracked? How typically do you charge? Thanks, nice thread to start...
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    Need a Form Duplicated/Customized From A Competitor's Website...

    I'm looking for someone who can take the form title: "What's Your Potential" (lower right-hand corner) of the site: repeatreturns (dot)com, and duplicate/create it for me to use on another website. Not sure of the possibility of this, but please let me know if you can do it and the cost. Thanks!
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    Paypal Account Limited $1800 held for 180 days

    You are allowed to have 2 PP accounts according to their TOS, although technically they are supposed to be different member levels. Also, yes, you will be fine IMO if you use a different CC and different Bank account number.
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    Best Way To Approach Leads-By Email Or Phone...?

    The method I use and what I believe to be the best overall method to "make calls" and not "cold call", is this: Simply call the business FIRST and ask what their email address is, that you need to send them an email regarding their _________ (fill in the blank with whatever it is you are...
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    -50 penalty for Youtube videos? Seems like it's happening.

    I think what we're seeing is the start of a new trend... not every video is going to be hit; its too early to tell exactly what is happening... but this reminds me of a few years ago when Google really started to fight "spam" links, etc. It didn't happen all at once, it wasn't all inclusive, it...
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    I think you guys are too worried about your PBNs

    Private blog network
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    I dont understand why an x google employee hastn released method to rnak google?

    I knew a guy several years ago who had worked for G for many years. Surprisingly, he didn't really know too much about what worked or wouldn't work... he was a great technical guy, but didn't/couldn't translate it very well into working knowledge. He was given a job to do and did it. He had a...
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    -50 penalty for Youtube videos? Seems like it's happening.

    They may just be rolling this out, so not every video is going to be effected. Also, just like all of the "normal" updates for SERPS, not every video is effected for some reason, so it makes it look very random at first. I do think there is something going on though. I've even noticed...
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    Outranking RipOff Report

    RR's are tough to beat. Your best bet is to buy a bunch of domains with the company name in them and rank those... it happens pretty quickly... you can probably buy 10 domains pretty cheap if you use coupon codes.
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