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    To those of you who IM full time.

    I sleep in the arvo these days (it rotates, I'll do a full 24 hour rotation with 3 months lol) The best is waking up at 10-11am at night because then I don't go out and spend money lol. I work maybe 5-8 hours then I read e-books i buy from amazon. Gym and sleep
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    My Media Buying Nightmare... Thoughts?

    Your on the right track BUT here are some pointers. Not enough banners seriously 10 banners? come on bro you need to test over 30 banners. And from that your gonna hone in on maybe 1-5 banners. 10 banners + 4-5 landers is too much with such a small budget. It should be 10 banners 2-3 landers...
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    Want to get started in media buying, where should I start?

    Before you media buy you need to know what niche your going to go in and the traffic sources. Find your niche (from affnetworks) Find your traffic source Once you have that and you know what you want to run Find your creatives and find your landers (whatrunswhere) or just browse and find. Then...
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    Mobile Install Ads redirecting to App Store / Google Play

    Hey man, If you are still running this method and direct linking to google playstore are you doin a double meta redirect so networks cant see? Cheers
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    [Adult dating] Spent over $300 earned $140

    Your going to need to test out more than 15 banners, more like 30+(10 at a time ofcourse) and only rotate 2-3 landers at a time. As adult is more competitive as people say (lol) you should test out other banner sizes. Let 10k-15k imp per banner and then your good to cut, some people will say...
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    Adult Media Buy - Massiv Traffic/No conversions :(

    If you are on exoclick and you are bidding on xhamster you will need to do some number crunching. It also depends on the country you are in. Before you start any campaign you need to know your what your break even is, the amount of traffic you will get from that CPM so lets say cpm is .3 and you...
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    Journey to $80/Day [Mainly Adsense & Pinterest]

    Good work man. Really good to see!
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    Best Content Writing Service - For the first time on BHW !

    Been with Jo and her team for more than 6 months now. Don't plan on changing anytime soon =]
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    need SEO mentor

    Hey whats your skype? or aim
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    Best Content Writing Service - For the first time on BHW !

    I have had over 25 product descriptions done by simplyjo's service and a few articles for my business and what can i say i will be a long time user. The articles/ descriptions i needed were done exactly how i asked and was done if not better. Also told me i will get the descriptions in 4-5 days...
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    A journal that i dont plan to quit!!

    First VA was a success. What i learnt is never to tell your VA ur age ... haha especially if you are younger than them. I have hit number 1 -4 for my miain keywords which brings me a very nice amount of traffic. I wasn't converting that much maybe .5 to 1.5%?? I believe this was my design...
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    NEED a long term designer for ecommerce and banner

    I need a long term banner designer for the fashion niche. Please show me some work you have done on fashion sites etc. Looking for multiple banners a month on different projects. REQ NO ONE FROM INDIA OR ANY WHERE NEAR THERE OR THE FILOS. THANKS Tssen
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    A journal that i dont plan to quit!!

    I have hit top 10 for most of my keywords, sales are coming in daily, im not number one for my keywords but i am above 5 for them. I have just offically hired my first VA. Does most of my SEO so now i have time for my next e-commerce that I am setting up. Total blind droppshipping :D.
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    Sexy Graphic Designing Service - Logo - Web Designs - Illustrations - Banners - Wordpress

    i added you on aim, pm if you dont go on
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    Need a Designer for Womens Fashion Niche

    Hey, Need banners weekly, range in size for the womens fashion niche. My expectancy level is something like or Msg me
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    A journal that i dont plan to quit!!

    hahaha maybe i am dumb? I am not sure but google website optimizer is difficult for me, maybe if i was doing like a lander or something that is easy but i can't figure out how to test my e-com product pages at once, where to put the codes etc!! I think its a dynamic page so yeah, but i havent...
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    A journal that i dont plan to quit!!

    struggling with google web optimizer
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    A journal that i dont plan to quit!!

    Hows everyone doing? So I have paused my fb and adwords income stream and working on my SEO, im tracking daily visits comparing to past data now... its not hard at all! Still not pro at figuring out figures etc but so far so good. Ive ranked into the top 10 for 4 of my main big keywords, 1 is...
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    Need a long term writer for products

    Yo, I need a long term article writer for products.... so they won't be too long but there is a lot. They need to be enticing customers to buy! :D Msg me details
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