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    SegWait Is Over! Bitcoin Network Shows 80 Percent Support For SegWit2x

    Well the fact that they have been targeted a lot lately. They hold $3bn in cold storage and are the most unprofessional company I've ever seen. They made over $1m in fees per day during the xrp and str pumps but wouldn't upgrade servers and hire workers at a faster rate. Look at bittrex in...
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    SegWait Is Over! Bitcoin Network Shows 80 Percent Support For SegWit2x

    Don't follow the pump, look for coins that no one is talking about. When no one wants to buy, that's the perfect time to buy.
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    SegWait Is Over! Bitcoin Network Shows 80 Percent Support For SegWit2x

    The bubble will pop, most likely because of some event (poloniex hack wouldn't surprise me looking at its current state, SEC will step in). Then btc will go down, we will enter a bear market for a while and then a new market cycle will start again where btc goes for new highs. Once you realise...
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    SegWait Is Over! Bitcoin Network Shows 80 Percent Support For SegWit2x

    I said a few months ago on this forum that Bitcoin will hit $9-10k by the end of the year and someone laughed at me. I still strongly believe that it will be around this area. $5k by the end of the summer, then a retracement to the $3k mark, then a final wave to $9-10k before the market cycle...
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    Why I'm Investing 1k Into Sia

    Lol, this is why I don't come on BHW anymore. Anyway good luck, back to making money.
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    Why I'm Investing 1k Into Sia

    LOL, good luck buddy. You're not gonna make it far.
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    Why I'm Investing 1k Into Sia

    That's not researching my man, more like spoonfeeding. If you can't Google such a simple question, it's not a good idea to invest thousands of dollars into crypto. Just my opinion.
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    Why I'm Investing 1k Into Sia

    Do some research man, we're talking about satoshis. SC is at 800 sats right now, I was telling the guy not to sell until at least 1500. Obviously a 2x is nothing but for those of us who bought at 100 sats, selling at 1500 is a 15x, which is not bad at all.
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    Why I'm Investing 1k Into Sia

    Look at the high timeframe chart on Coinigy. The highest CPC has gone to is over 900k sats and right now, it's under 19k. After almost a year of accumulation, it showed signs of a new market cycle. It was dead and suddenly jumped to 35k a few days ago. Look at the period where it pumped last...
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    Why I'm Investing 1k Into Sia

    Yeah man, some bought it for as low as 21 sats. Also bought SC around this price. Rode the first waves of XRP and STR, now getting ready for the 2nd. STR will definitely go big soon because they're giving out millions of free coins so a potential pump before this devaluation should occur. A...
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    Why I'm Investing 1k Into Sia

    I believe he means the Iconomi platform is launching in August. It's already on exchanges so he's not talking about an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Saying that, there are so many coins that will go 5x, with SC being one of them so it doesn't really matter. Just look at PTOY. It was 6k before...
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    Why I'm Investing 1k Into Sia

    Good buy, I've been holding SC since 100 sats, and judging by previous fractals, it's looking increasingly likely that it will hit 1000 sats over the next few days.
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    ⭐⭐⭐ Storm Proxies ⭐⭐⭐ 700,000+ Premium Reverse Rotating Proxies ✅ Starting from $11.90 ✅

    Can I get the 15% lifetime discount coupon please?
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    1 BTC to 10 BTC by 2020 hopefully

    Your goal should be easily achievable but I'm curious to know what rates you paid for these coins. Did you buy the tops or actually get good rates? I did what you're trying to achieve in a few days when I bought tons of Digibyte at 95 sats and sold at around 2100. I want to know how on earth...
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    I've put down a few thousand dollars, this is my journey to becoming a Steem Whale

    Sorry man but in crypto, $5,000 is chump change. People make that trading a quick 1 hour flip. If you wanna be a whale in pretty much any half decent coin, you need millions of $$.
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    Top4smm / Lifetime Guarantee. Time to brake the rules. Now it's your turn \ Youtube * Instagram

    Hey, can I please get some testing credits. My username on the site is cron7. Thanks
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    DomRecovery - Resurrect Websites from Wayback Machine

    Quick question, I notice that all 404s redirect to the homepage. For me that's a bit of a footprint. Is there any way we can leave it as it is and allow people to redirect URLs by themselves via htaccess if necessary?
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    Golem/GNT was added to Bittrex

    Shit, was about to buy a few Ks worth of Golem yday and missed out. Stupid limits on coinbase are really annoying. I've still got very high hopes for PivX, think it will cross $4 by the end of this month.
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    How do keep going?

    Go to fiverr and make a couple hundred dollars or do some eBay Amazon arbitrage, come back and use the profit to invest in your own PBN links at reg cost. Make sure you've done your KW research properly. Get the site earning a $200-300 a month and sell it for 24x. Then, you have good money to...
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    ZlatanTheGod and Basstrackerboat's Amazon Keyword Service!

    That went quick, had the Home KW in my basket and now can't check out.
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