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    ANSWER ASSAULT - Ultimate Yahoo Answers Software Package/Bot!

    why does the accounts get saved into the table if account creation failed?
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    need help in coding

    <html> <head> <script type="text/JavaScript"> function ExitPage() { alert ('Thank you for visiting our site.');'','_blank','scrollbar=yes'); } </script> </head> <body onbeforeunload="ExitPage();"> </body> </html>
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    need help in coding

    call load function in your exitpage function
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    Which antivirus program for sb?

    Panda cloud, it uses only 1.5mb mem on my computer
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    How to become a good programmer and what subjects should i have to learn

    It depends what you are doing. Java is faster than eg. c++ in some cases and vice versa.
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    Tubenoia Released/Reviews

    how does this differs from his old software? almost same features but new skin
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    WPSynIT-BETA - Free Auto Backlinks for Wordpress

    I'd like to try this out too, seems so powerful.
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    How do I exactly test my referrer...CPA-R and iFrame?

    you can use this php code to see referer echo $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'];
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    Java vs C#

    sucks? i bet you havent even tried it :p
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    Java vs C#

    You can run java on any platform and for guis you can use windowbuilder plugin for eclipse.
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    Java bots...?

    did you add the jars to buildpath?
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    Build Bots with Proxy and Multi-threading?

    java: proxy = new Proxy(Proxy.Type.HTTP, new InetSocketAddress("host", port)); conn = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection(proxy); for socks use Proxy.Type.SOCKS
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    Can php be used to retrieve G's keyword tool captcha?

    <img src="hxxps://" />
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    Help needed on installing xrumer/scrapebox on dedicated linux server! 10 FREE BLASTS:)

    you need windows platform for xrumer. so you need to get some virtualization software on linux and install windows
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    Help with h1 tags please?

    If you want keyword to be in h1 tag but not to be shown, thats the use
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    Help with h1 tags please?

    If you want to hide your h1 use this <h1 id="hidethis">domain parking</h1> and in your css file add #hidethis { visibility: hidden; }
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    $0.6/100words - 100% Unique Content!!

    I got my 2 articles, they were great quality and I will definitely buy some more later on.
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    $0.6/100words - 100% Unique Content!!

    Paid 2x 400 word articles. Transaction ID #24L10242P35745816
  19. S invites

    I would like to have one too please
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    what's wrong with twitter?

    In last two days I've made around 70 accounts and almost all of them are banned
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