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  1. sharkwhite00

    How to send "spam" emails via mailchimp?

    for bulk email yes need rotate all because less 3% pepl mark you message like spam you text etc go fuckup and after go always inside folder spam or not arrive because service block and it doesn't matter if you have to send 1 k or 1 million and it is the same even if you send normal emails...
  2. sharkwhite00

    How to send "spam" emails via mailchimp?

    2020 pepl continue try use mailchimp for send spam wtf :D for send 50 or 100 or 1 k email a day just create 1 or 2 or litter more account inside normal service email and send via bcc is simple just follow the simple rules for inbox 1 rotate good ip for send 2 rotate good normal subject and...
  3. sharkwhite00

    Scraping Soundcloud Emails

    but better search direct inside souncloud and go inside page list song and scrape all list artist after go inside page every artist like this after take all other profile link and search email like this...
  4. sharkwhite00

    Scraping tools phone numbers

    I am Italian but nowadays people no longer like to put their mobile phone number on the internet so I don't think you will have much success in quantity and quality that is valid numbers still active I have databases from a few tens of millions of Italian cell phone numbers but they are not...
  5. sharkwhite00

    Does anyone know how to make even a $1 everyday online ?

    more simple way start create accounts email etc and resell them to those who need them
  6. sharkwhite00

    Create multiple Facebook advertising accounts

    or scrape email inside group fb and after send email campaign with the product you need to promote and no lose time whit the stupid tos fb inside fb or take good db data site sell this tipe product and send email campaign plus if db have cell phone number is possible send campaign via sms...
  7. sharkwhite00

    Best way to go about this email marketing situation?

    is simple just follow the simple rules for inbox and send how many email you want 1 create multiple account email inside good service there are many alternatives to gmail out there 2 rotate good ip for send 3 rotate good normal subject and body whit spintax text 4 rotate multiple account...
  8. sharkwhite00

    Need help with this code

    next time say the site and what app you use or the programming language to make the bot then 1 site ?? 2 app ? 3 or programming language is easy go on in 2 minute but need name site
  9. sharkwhite00

    Email Without Phone Verification

    vpn is no good need hq residential proxy or hq mobile proxy all the rest is not good and I don't recommend using it
  10. sharkwhite00

    Email Without Phone Verification

    sure but there are many other services out there with a high reputation of their server good for send ;)
  11. sharkwhite00

    Email Without Phone Verification

    better create account inside a service have simple captcha and have less restrictions :D
  12. sharkwhite00

    Email Without Phone Verification

    @British Botter is my go to. mail com have only recaptcha v2 and is part gmx com and is possible create 1 account every ip plus whit same ip no possible create 2 account in both services the same day and need very hq ip or is a pain create account or many fail and lose only time
  13. sharkwhite00

    Email Without Phone Verification

    @ddlmanager Outlook has no pv for create account yes and reask again verify phone for send email mail ru no ask phone verify only if use hq ip russian or Ukrainian proxy whit other ip ask verify phone yandex ask phone verify for send or use account after
  14. sharkwhite00

    Any Facebook Group Members Email Free Extractor? or maybe Trial ?

    @tdtemo Thank you :) . can you advise which one is better? simple audience it's much cheaper in comparison to fb blaster then buy simple audience there are the crack of both around but they have the loader so I can't share them sorry have a good day
  15. sharkwhite00

    Any Facebook Group Members Email Free Extractor? or maybe Trial ?

    no any trial around buy simple audience or fb blaster have a good day
  16. sharkwhite00

    what email mass creator that not use phone number?

    @CPABeyond MailChimp? but MailChimp is a service for send email no is a email account creator and aniway if try send spam whit service ban you in 1 second have a good day
  17. sharkwhite00

    what email mass creator that not use phone number?

    yes sure but is many other service around good and no have recaptcha v2 like mail com have a good day
  18. sharkwhite00

    Instagram - Earn Around $5000 to $10000 per month from this Method

    @TooCorny yes but op does not tell you that you will success in one day op gives you only a starting point to start then it is normal that you have to use your brain and your strategy
  19. sharkwhite00

    Facebook phone verification service

    bro problem fb today is now ask always verify id or they will always kill your new account even if you verify the account with the telephone verification so you need to look for an id verification service for fb now fag ask all time verify you identity have a good day
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