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  1. Lawrencess

    AVOID PENALTIES SafeSpokes 100% Whitehat, Editorial Links Long Term BLs LIMITED

    Wanting to place an order, but PayPal checkout has the price at $37 per post not $30 per post.
  2. Lawrencess

    What is the best way to index HUGE volume of links?

    Something like will do the job. If you pm me your list of links I can run it through for you. max 50000.
  3. Lawrencess

    SERP Rank Trackers - Distorting Keyword Value?

    Thanks so much for your input. Seems like I am a bit mental!
  4. Lawrencess

    SERP Rank Trackers - Distorting Keyword Value?

    I understand this, but if they gather this data by providing a search, and then capturing the result, will record a search for that keyword. Later, when doing keyword research with other tools, the data will be padded with such phantom searches.
  5. Lawrencess

    SERP Rank Trackers - Distorting Keyword Value?

    How do the popular cloud SERP rank trackers gather their data? Do they use a proxy to do a google search each and every time it updates the rank? Or do they use some other method I am unaware of. If they search on using an overseas IP, are these still tallied as local searches...
  6. Lawrencess

    300 EDU Backlinks - Unique Username each Profile - $20 Discount - Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Offer

    Placed an order for buy 3 get 1 free yesterday. The reports came through complete within 24 hours. I have checked all links and while they are not all intact, the OP has still over-delivered on the service. I look forward to seeing how many of these links stick over the next few weeks...
  7. Lawrencess

    ❇️ Since 2012 ❇️ (Prev. SerpBook) - Local Rank Tracking, On-demand Updates, Verifiable SERPs, Sharable Reports ⭐ EXCLUSIVE BHW DISCOUNT ⭐

    Review: After being constantly frustrated by desktop solutions for many years, I have spent the last few months looking for an ideal cloud SERP tracker. I tried sescout, but it was pretty unreliable, and their service was terrible. Desperate, I gave serpbook a shot and signed up to the...
  8. Lawrencess - PR Network of Homepage Links, Articles - Rank FAST!

    Are there plans to integrate High PR Society with DripFeedLinks? That way, you don't need to disclose the URL, just give us a report with a set of unique hashed strings, which when entered as the URLs in dripfeedlinks, your backend converts to the actual link and then posts out the links. Or...
  9. Lawrencess

    ❇️ Since 2012 ❇️ (Prev. SerpBook) - Local Rank Tracking, On-demand Updates, Verifiable SERPs, Sharable Reports ⭐ EXCLUSIVE BHW DISCOUNT ⭐

    Very solid product, very simple to use hopefully it provides the clean, easy to use well supported rank tracking I have been looking for. I have sent a PM with a few bug reports and feedback.
  10. Lawrencess

    [POWER-HOUSE] Rank Fuser™ Sky Rocket Your SERP Movement

    Do you have any services that offer broader keyword diversity? Something that can have 5-10 different sets of anchor text?
  11. Lawrencess

    what do i do with these Reddit Karma points i have about 250

    Karma points are a tally of "upvotes" "upboats" and "upghosts" that your comments and submissions have made. They have absolutely no use other than as an e-penis for reddit users.
  12. Lawrencess

    Scrapebox - How to filter out heavely spammed blogs?

    HI M1ndflux. I am not sure what you are meaning? Using the SB Outbound Link Checker, you can select the "Filter" option, and it will remove any blogs with OBL higher than you specify. From there, just save it as a new list...
  13. Lawrencess

    Which website analytics are you using?

    I think that for people with only a small number of sites, GA is the way to go because it is such a powerful too. I am generally doubtful of the negative effects of GA on those with many many sites on the one account, but I think it would be naive to think google couldn't/woudlnt use data like...
  14. Lawrencess

    Free Scrape box List!

    Big thanks for this. I find the default ones work really well once you filter them out, but I will try these too!
  15. Lawrencess

    Selling Products on a Website!

    The OP does sound like an absolute beginner in ecommerce. An all-in-one solution like bigcommerce will probably be more suitable for him, rather than battle to install magento on his own server.
  16. Lawrencess

    How to find serious SEO guys?!

    Superdude has it right. Most of the guys who have SEO down are using their skills on their own projects. Most of the people who sell full packages, either are newbies looking for a start, or people who just resell the services from the BST section. I am reasonably effective with my SEO skills...
  17. Lawrencess

    social bookmarking not of any value for me - what am I doing wrong?

    Google does not index every page it visits. It does not need to index a page to follow the links on it. Think of your webpage as a small town in the middle of nowhere. The social bookmarks are the signposts telling a photographer how to get there. He follows the directions, and then takes a...
  18. Lawrencess

    TorrentLeech opens 30,000 spots, Use invite code HAPPY2011 (

    Torrentleech is by far the best general purpose private tracker. While it does not have a lot of niche content, it has all new release movies and tv in SD and HD and hughe amounts of apps and games for many platforms.
  19. Lawrencess

    16 year old girl makes $405,179.29 in just 45 days!

    I do not usually make such low content posts, but fuck this one made me LOL. I mean really, is everyone so afraid of doing hard work and coming up with original ideas?
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