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  1. bighomie

    [Journey] passive income $1000/day with dead youtube method | autopilot

    There's nothing wrong with liking status, fast cars and buzzwords, if you want to call yourself a technical entrepreneur and a visionary whilst driving your Ferrari which was paid off by your Paypal monkey generator that you wrote then go ahead. But being an engineer or designing and writing...
  2. bighomie

    [Journey] passive income $1000/day with dead youtube method | autopilot

    The reason why I used that emoticon is that I found your example with the car to be childish and you're doing it again with the "script kiddie" stuff imo. The matter of fact is that the only real distinction between the two is the emphasis on an engineering degree but this doesn't hold much...
  3. bighomie

    [Journey] passive income $1000/day with dead youtube method | autopilot

    This is just cap lol... For the most part, in the real world and when it comes to software, the titles engineer and developer are interchangeable and hold no weight. However in some cases when people refer to an engineer instead of a developer they're making a specific distinction and that...
  4. bighomie


    Nah but instead of regular socializing, go join a swingers club and those cheeks will be visible. Every method can be tweaked :smirk:
  5. bighomie

    [Journey] Recurring income with CPA platform

    I see this more as a case study, I already have an income but I like building and marketing new things. No need to argue with the idea if the criticism isn't constructive haha ;) I'll report back later on, peace <3
  6. bighomie

    [Journey] Recurring income with CPA platform

    Exactly, only difference is that I have a twist that might or might not flop.
  7. bighomie

    [Journey] Recurring income with CPA platform

    How is using microworkers literally the same thing? Sorry for my ignorance but that term is new to me and whilst I could see the similarities I don't feel as if it's the same thing. What I'm doing is more on the lines of a user completing a survey in order to receive an e-book(random example...
  8. bighomie

    [Journey] Recurring income with CPA platform

    What would be the use of microworkers in this scenario? Also I haven't ran the idea with an MVP yet, thanks for the idea though since I should make sure the traffic is something they like. I just assumed that if an offer is incentive friendly it should be ok. Aight my dude Yeah, I decided...
  9. bighomie

    [Journey] Recurring income with CPA platform

    Hey, I'm currently working on a platform that will incentivize users to comeback and complete offers on a regular basis. I've already started developing the front-end portion of the platform and the back-end will come soon after. I'm expecting to be done with the first version pretty soon...
  10. bighomie

    Fucking SMM Panels

    I love this thread, problems like this means that there is plenty of room for innovate and new services. I'm building a "smm panel" (don't even know if I like that name anymore lol) and am currently looking for a good provider that's as consistent as possible with their service. If anyone...
  11. bighomie

    GreatSMM|Reseller Panel|Social Media Services|

    Hi, could i get a test balance to use for my account? Username: bighomie
  12. bighomie - Boost your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other profiles in minutes!

    Username: bighomie I'd love to test this service out, thanks!
  13. bighomie

    Social Media Reselling For Fun

    I just read this new post from Instagram ( which talks about removing inauthentic likes, followers and etc.. Instagram was going to be one of the first platforms that I started with so this is bad news. I'll still...
  14. bighomie

    Social Media Reselling For Fun

    Hahaha yup, I have much love for that guy
  15. bighomie

    Social Media Reselling For Fun

    Hello, I've been a member here for a while but in the past years I've been working as an IT-consultant which has been more of a stable income for me compared to IM. Recently I picked up the intrest for IM again just to dabble in it a little bit and refresh my memory and thinking. I don't...
  16. bighomie

    ▶️ 330+ POSITIVE REVIEWS ◀️ - ✅ Instagram Domination Secrets ✅ Gain 100K Real Followers & Make Money ✅ 2023 Updated + More!

    Hello, I bought this PDF about a month ago, I tried to download it today but I get a broken link and no access to the PDF. My order Nr is 34272, could you please PM a new link or help me along the way? Thanks in advance
  17. bighomie

    how to resell hosting with api

    My guy, you're naive if you think that anyone is going to really help you with this. You're asking for tips, methods and guides on starting a whole ass business. That's another level of spoon feeding that you probably won't find here. Anyways, I'll try to make this post a little bit useful...
  18. bighomie

    Love is painfull

    Love hurts, though love also brings joy. True love is loving the Based God. BL3s5 upp
  19. bighomie

    From zero to IM hero in 365 days a journey to financial independence

    Lycka till! Seems like you know what you're doing, will be following this thread :)
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