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    Fiverr help! Buyer wants refund even though I delivered!

    I have a successful songwriting gig on fiverr, I'm in the top rated sellers for the category and have sold over 100+ songs with a 100% rating. A buyer that I just wrote a song for wants a refund because he doesn't think the song is "good". I spent a lot of time on the song and it's really good...
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    Online Reputation Management (ORM) Question

    I have a business plan worked out and have been brainstorming a company name the last few days without luck. Looking for something short and general that could be used if I expanded to SEO and graphic design. Thanks!
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    Selling Clothes on eBay Questions?

    I've tried selling some of my no-longer-fitting, hardly worn Ralph Lauren polos on Craigslist and posted eBay auctions starting at a penny with no luck. I am assuming it is because of my 0 feedbacks on eBay. I would like to eventually start a clothing store on eBay, as I have tons of clothes I...
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    Free VCC 1$ balance

    If you got any extras, send one over this way. :D Thanks so much for having this though, great way to give back.
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    Need a cold caller

    Looking for a cold caller to make 25-50 calls a day, quite an easy job. You will not have to sell exactly, just obtain the business owner's name and email. Need to be proficient in English, smooth talker on the phone, Excel, and data entry. PM me if interested and I can give more details...
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    Making $100+ a day with the Euro 2012 Football Tournament – Content Locking

    Looking for a JV with someone who can get the traffic; everything is setup and ready.
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    JV - I provide the website/method and you bring the traffic!

    I have everything setup; I need traffic ASAP though. It WILL make money; I just need the traffic. PM me so we can get started.
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    Euro 2012 Poland-Ukraine

    Dang, Russia looked legit today; they've got a shot at making some noise.
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    Quick graphic design job

    What I need is an advertisement made to specific dimensions out of an image that a customer has given me. This is a fiverr gig, which means I am getting $4 from this guy. I can pay you $3 or $4; I'm trying to build up my rep on fiverr. Pm me if interested. Need it done in 24 hrs.
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    Anyone who cares to share demonoid invite codes?

    Used the last one; thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
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    22 Letters = $17,000 profit in 3 weeks.

    While it matters from a visual aspect, a number score out of 30 is still clearly visible below the web address. And also, the "number score" that the business is are all different fonts. When you hover the mouse over a higher burgundy number score like 29, it says the business is...
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    Looking for an app to use my iPod as a business phone

    So basically, I'm looking for an app that can: -give me a phone number -let me record a custom voice mail to use when people call that phone number -let me be able to call others from it (optional) Don't care whether it is paid or free, just looking for something that WORKS! Thanks, Matt
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    Help me find the BEST article scraper for OSX - $5

    Have you tried Wicked Article Creator?
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    Bravo Montpellier!!

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    Champions League Final - Bayern Munich V Chelsea

    Drogba!!!! I DONT BELIEVE IT!
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    Champions League Final - Bayern Munich V Chelsea

    Chelsea will win, 2-1 with a great Drogba winner. Am a Fulham fan, but for today, go blues!
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    watch the dictator online?

    I know, I want to see it in the theatre but I'm under 17 and there's no way any one I know would take me.
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    watch the dictator online?

    anyone know a site it is on? can't find it on all the usual sites
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    Need a Job Done?

    Hi, I'm trying to make $30 to send out 25 mailings (as seen in 7878's thread) and am looking for any type of job to help me get there! CL postings, content writing, whatever you need I can do it! Thanks.
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