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  1. Slwr

    Linkedin Lead Gen

    Hi, while you could try all the automation tools out there, you'll need to have a good offer and message first before launching that. Or you will scale yourself off the cliff and make a bad impression. You might get banned by Linkedin as well. Start by understanding your customer persona first...
  2. Slwr

    Is Linkedin Worth it?

    From what i'm hearing, you could try these: 1) Ensure your profile is optimized. I've seen tons of profiles that don't tell me what they do or how they can help me. Your profile headline is key 2) Think about the mindset of a typical Linkedin user. They are there to learn from their peers...
  3. Slwr

    Linkedin marketing

    It depends on your Customer lifetime value (I'm assuming you're talking about paid media) If you're marketing a toothbrush, then no, Linkedin is not the right place for you. You probably will take a long time to see return on your ad spend, if any at all. If you're marketing products above...
  4. Slwr


    When you mean "Ranking First" on Linkedin search, what do you mean? If you rank first on your search, it doesn't mean that you will rank first on another member's search. Each member's Linkedin search results are dependent on who they are connected with, location and keywords. So I highly...
  5. Slwr

    - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    Well, since you asked and must know, Influence10x dot com has a fantastic service team. I believe they are much smaller than you which is why they value their customers much better. Your site isn't clear with the directions. When an honest mistake is made, there is no customer empathy from...
  6. Slwr

    Facebook Competitor Spy Tools?

    This doesn't give real-time updates of ads though. They rely on people helping them to scrape.
  7. Slwr

    Facebook Competitor Spy Tools?

    Got it! Thanks :)
  8. Slwr

    Facebook Competitor Spy Tools?

    Hi, with the new "info and ads" section, we're now able to view competitor's live ads. Anyone has a tool that collates all these live ads? I've tried platforms like adespresso library, power spy tool etc, but most of them do not contain the most updated ads. Thanks in advance!
  9. Slwr

    Ask Me Anything About SEO (2019 edition)

    Hi, have you tried traffic exchanges like hitleap dot com or 10khits dot com? Would organic traffic / engagement exchange help to boost authority signals for your site? Thanks !!
  10. Slwr

    Best Ranking Tools

    Ahrefs is pretty good!
  11. Slwr

    How to Make Interesting Blogging Contents That the Readers Cannot Simply Resist

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing. Any advice for guest posting outreach/promotion too?
  12. Slwr

    Membership levels, explained

    Thanks! This is absolutely informative. I'm curious whether there's a "secret" forum that only VIPs can go into and chat.
  13. Slwr

    Ahrefs backlinks

    You could just email their support team. They’re pretty responsive.
  14. Slwr

    Google adwords

    Yes. I've highlighted an area specifically in google's terms that states services from SMM Panels are not approved. Sure, you'll still notice ads to SMM panels. But i'm pretty sure their ads gets suspended all the time. There are definitely ways around the system like not using your main...
  15. Slwr

    Journey to $10,000 a month with niche websites

    Thanks for sharing your journey! Following you closely. all the best :)
  16. Slwr

    Ask me anything about Facebook Ads 2019

    Hi Thanks for doing this. If it's for a B2B enterprise space, would you still recommend Facebook ads? Targeting based on interest etc won't be as accurate. Job titles, seniority, company size etc would be more relevant. However, it's not a strong targeting option on Facebook. Currently, i'm...
  17. Slwr

    - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    TERRIBLE Service and Support. They are starting to fail in their deliveries. They are starting to feel like a scam. I bought their most expensive service. And it did not deliver. They agreed that it was their fault, but before solving it, they closed the case. Then they had all sorts of excuses...
  18. Slwr

    Hey everyone. newbie here ready to contribute + learn

    Thank you! No, not India :)
  19. Slwr

    [100% FREE] ➡️ INSTAGRAM ENGAGEMENT FIX-IT KIT ⬅️ How Your Accounts Can Hit Over 25% Every Time

    Send me the RiseDecoded free software Thank you!
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