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    any good pay per review sites ?

    there are plenty of sites that pay for writing articles, just google it =)
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    About Google+ and SEO

    After 4-5 years, Google+ metrics would be more important than PageRank !
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    How to monetize site with funny pictures with facebook traffic

    try infolinks ... their CPM is quite good and their rules are really non-existent =D
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    ****** Bot

    sounds quite interesting ... downloading it now !
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    Need 100k unique visitors daily Within 7 days

    Buy traffic from ****** or MGID as they both are quite cheap ... you cant achieve your mentioned target in this much sort time without spending $$ !
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    Matt Cutts: Press Releases Don't Work For SEO

    I believe people at Google deliberately spread ill-information so that webmasters can't game their system !
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    Buyed Traffic vs Organic Traffic

    Facebook ads are both cheap and targeted but if you don't want pure targeted traffic then try BUYSELLADS !
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    twitter account 200k followers

    Contact some good publishers for pay per share contract, tweet some of their posts after negotiating with them and show them how much traffic you can send them !!! And share only good posts from their sites, I believe this way you would make money without pissing off your followers !
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    Help me to find a good niche!

    Environment and IPL (Indian Premiere League) both were tried by my friends and they both made good amount within very short time via Google Adsense !
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    Is it illegal to promote a fake game crack?

    I am not sure but I think just like ethical hacking, ethical cracking also exists and cracking itself isn't illegal ... now if you are cracking the game in a way people can play it without buying it then its illegal but if you are distributing some unofficial crack (somewhat like a game mod)...
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    How to set up a proxy in your browser

    Just download SPOTFLUX and enjoy unrestricted browsing =D
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    Sharing my article on the net

    Use networks like and !
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    How to increase my page rank?

    Here is a quick killer tip, search on google "do follow commentluv blogs" and go through some results of the search and comment on each do follow blog you find! Remember to use your 'name' in the comments as the anchor text otherwise most blogs would reject your comment ! Within months you...
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    Where can I get pictures for my blog?

    There are plenty of sites you can try like: Free alternatives also exist like: Flickr, imageshack, photobucket etc !
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    Do you think I can become wealthy with my plan?

    I recently came across a concept called as BLOGGING A BOOK, your idea seems to be exactly the same as 250 poems can easily be summed up into a poem book. My suggestion is, GO FOR IT - there's nothing to loose in terms of cash investment ... even if it fails you would know web development, SEO...
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    Google VS Bing optimisation ?

    I have never seen any one "BING" anything. Everyone "GOOGLE" things! Honestly to me there's no point in even considering any search engine other than Google for SEO purposes! Please do share if you know of a BING success story because till date I haven't seen any !
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    What guidelines you follow when making your website articles ?

    I simply avoid these things so that my articles don't suck: chillopedia(dot)com/all-new/bad-blogging-behavior-reasons-why-blogs-screw-up/
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    Theirry Henry Likely to return to Arsenal !!!!!

    that's a great news for Arsenal fans \m/
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    [Free] I will post your article on 100+ wiki sites.

    I have PM'ed you the anchor text and the URL !
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    Free For You Guys Limited Time Only

    well let me have a look at it and submit some articles !
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