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  1. liquardo

    Best language for blog

    There are a few good reasons to try out a blog in your native non-english language: - Google automatically shows native results over English ones even for many English terms (if you use localized Google as most non-english speakers do) - They're much easier to rank as there's a lot less...
  2. liquardo

    AI for voice gen

    If you have a decent GPU and wanna do TTS locally (or pay for Google Colab to run it), this one is very nice: Here's some samples generated with it:
  3. liquardo

    How do website owners keep track of all credentials efficiently?

    Yeah seems like I have to start migrating over to such services, I guess I've been ignoring them due to hating the idea of adding another subscription service to the long list, which you would most likely get you 'locked in' the service as you have all your passwords in the same place. However...
  4. liquardo

    How do website owners keep track of all credentials efficiently?

    Yesterday when I was creating my 50th tab in notepad++ to save some new hosting credentials, I started wondering how other developers and website owners keep track of their credentials and details for hosts, admin panels, etc. Is a subscription service like LastPass just a necessary evil once...
  5. liquardo

    What kind of Tech Stack do you use for an adult video sharing site? (own media)

    I'm sure some of you have made a media sharing platform or self hosted adult tubes and I was wondering what's a cost-effective way to store/stream those videos. Storing video metadata should be fine with something like MongoDB, but the media files are a different story. At first I thought...
  6. liquardo

    Is it possible to make money by owning porn forum

    The biggest way a lot of forums make money is to upload a lot of copyrighted stuff (or rip mega links from other site), like OF content and put most of it behind a paywall, so people have to buy a membership with crypto to see the links. Downside of course is that you need to do a lot of...
  7. liquardo

    Can I rank my web page without creating backlinks for it?

    You should try to find a low competition micro-niche. For example I play a certain game and found the need to google tips and strategies all the time, but the only search results were reddit posts and a wiki, which are super easy to outrank. I made a website for it with simple short guides and...
  8. liquardo

    PTC Ads?

    Even back in the day when those sites were relevant, most of the advertisers were other PTC sites, get-rich-quick scams, Clickbank offers or traffic exchanges. Nowadays it would be smarter to just build a survey- or micro-task portal or something similar and forget the PTC ads.
  9. liquardo

    Some guy is stealing my content how can I apply copyright strike on website please help!!!!

    I don't think this is a good idea, as your visitors will want to copy that code for their projects and you don't want to make it extra difficult for them. If you're teaching how code works, you could split the code into smaller pieces, explaining how it works and that would require your...
  10. liquardo

    Is it too late to learn coding now?

    You can use ChatGPT to ask "Imagine I don't know anything about coding, explain what an API is." This way you can easily understand confusing concepts that are core aspects of the language you want to learn. ChatGPT is especially good at explaining parts of code in-depth, rather than giving...
  11. liquardo

    $100 + HustleGPT - Journey Begins!

    It has your chat history in the side-panel so you can just click on any previous conversation which will have all your old questions taken into consideration.
  12. liquardo

    ⭐ [eBook] Rank & Earn Money on Autopilot with High-Revenue Mobile Apps & Games ⏩ Create AdMob & Developer Accounts ✅ No Coding Required ❌

    I bought the guide yesterday and just finished reading it and overall I'm impressed. The reason why I think this is the best guide I've seen on BHW is that it's not full of typos and half of the pages are not full of useless full-page images, but instead full of well-written text and useful...
  13. liquardo

    ⭐ [eBook] Rank & Earn Money on Autopilot with High-Revenue Mobile Apps & Games ⏩ Create AdMob & Developer Accounts ✅ No Coding Required ❌

    I'm intrigued, been following your journey for a long time and the amount of tips in your thread alone is insane. Hit me up with a discount mayne.
  14. liquardo

    [Journey] Building an iOS & Android App Empire

    @nakamura Do you have any tips on getting UI/UX design ideas? Do you just check what the most popular apps are doing and try to replicate it or do you have some other tips for that? Or do you pay for designers? I always feel like that eats up a lot of my time because I can't decide where I want...
  15. liquardo

    I'm mark

  16. liquardo

    how to get approve channel on xvideos?

    I just recently got this mail from xvideos from an old video that I uploaded years ago from some random torrent. This claim was started by a 'moderator' so I guess they're really cracking down hard now. I'd say not worth the hassle, find some more lax sites.
  17. liquardo

    Ezoic and Adsense

    I use 100% Ezoic traffic and out of every $10 approximately $2-3 is from mediation which is paid out through AdSense every month. No need to put separate AdSense ads on your site.
  18. liquardo

    Thinking about buying a Rasberry Pi. What are you using yours for?

    I use one as a media server with a Terra Pi case.
  19. liquardo

    any Vultr Users ?

    I use Cyberpanel because I use litespeed cache for all my caching and using cloud server from Hetzner because they're very cheap. I think similar pricing to Vultr.
  20. liquardo

    Zero Keyword Search Volume

    Some of my highest earners are zero-volume keywords, as various tools assume they have no traffic but they end up having tons. You can also check Google autosuggest results to see if it shows up, meaning people have searched for it. Also there's a high likelihood you will end up ranking for...
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