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    [JOURNEY] to $500 daily profit from crypto arbitrage

    This thread should obviously be closed as there is a 99% chance this is a form of scam attempt for people contacting him on pm, thats just how the crypto space works.
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    Instagram Accounts Purchase Markets

    Hi There! Where do you guys think are the best place to purchase instagram users ( grown 10k+ etc) except on the marketplace here at bhw? I am not looking to buy so dont pm offers but i am however curious to if this is a good way to make money.
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    Just got caught selling replica jerseys on ebay

    i got a 4000$ fee for trying to import gucci tshirts a little while ago :D
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    What are somethings people buy with Bitcoin?

    Well you are kinda able to do it now also. With Tenx you can order a visa card which you can use everywhere and it charges from you btc wallet at Tenx.
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    What's a good time to switch to Ethereum?

    Higher supply then btc
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    What's a good time to switch to Ethereum?

    not if you are holding for long term :)
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    What's a good time to switch to Ethereum?

    The time is now for investing in etherium. It might go further down to mby 235 - 250 but either way its a good time to get in as it might as well sky rocket any time.
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    Anyone here still trust Bittrex? Decentralized exhanges soon?

    Doesnt really change much for me. No reason for me not to have a verified account and for me to trust my exchange with my money i want them to be a registered business and once they are a registered business there is not much they can do when a government tells them to do something :)
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    Bitcoin Gets to high 6000USD Today

    Sure i understand that and if you or no one appreciates my thoughts on this ill be silent on this from now on. Rick Falkvinge made his own forecast on this in 2014 for example: But ill keep quiet, not sure why you are so angry at me for expressing this opinion tho :)
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    Bitcoin Gets to high 6000USD Today

    The only places as ive seen this predictions are from some people from a couple of youtubers and reddit forum. I havent done any statistics myself but overall where i look most people think there is a big possiblity for bitcoin actually reaching 100k$ within 2022. EDIT: But of...
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    BITCOIN TO CRASH on AUG 1st !!

    Its at 6k now, hope you didnt sell it all :D
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    Bitcoin Gets to high 6000USD Today

    I get that bitcoin has to increase a lot by now to actually give us some profit but if we get it at $4000 which it hope Im not saying that it is life changing money but if you make 100k out of an 12k investement thats pretty good and also its just the start, and a pretty damn good one for the...
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    Bitcoin Gets to high 6000USD Today

    First off it has happened 3 times :) And what makes you think it will crash down to $1000? Anything at all you can come with to support this theory? I will remember you in a couple of months. i will also make sure to create a journey here on blackhatworld and i hope you will check it out in June...
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    Bitcoin Gets to high 6000USD Today

    You are wrong in so many ways. First off, bitcoin will drop. Probably down to between 3500 - 4000$. If you get in at 3500 - 4000$ you still have a chance to make a lot of money. I am planning to invest about 12000$ once it goes down. History shows that everytime bitcoin hits a new high it has...
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    Do you think Dropshipping is dead? or do you just get lucky

    Im dropshipping with aliexpress, made 70.000$ on it since June, not dead :) Clothing niche.
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    Clothing dropshipping - how do you deal with unhappy customers

    True that, one of my customers had to spend 32$ if they wanted to return an order that they bought for $47.95 :D Safe to say they didnt return it
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    Tumblr Advice 169k Followers

    I dont have a proxy for it as i only use my home ip for it. There is no automation on the blog just manual posting. and i wont be selling it :)
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    Tumblr Advice 169k Followers

    I have my own webshop that is of high quality so i will be adding some posts of my own company and try to see if it generates any sales as it is to the correct audience :) Feels like a waste to spend time on adsense when i have my own product and can probably earn more by selling my own brand.
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    Tumblr Advice 169k Followers

    Right now i am making $0 on it as i havent tried, i have just posted to gain followers, but seeing as it is pretty active i wondered if people actually make sales on tumblr at all, or if it is just bots all over tumblr that are reblogging etc.
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    Tumblr Advice 169k Followers

    Hi, I have built a tumblr account by hand simply by posting for about one and a half year now and it currently has 169k Followers. It is a fashion based account and are getting a lot of notes. I will post a photo down below. I am curious as i am running a fashion brand if it is worth spending...
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