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  1. classybabe

    Restore PBN from archive or start fresh?

    I should have been a bit clearer. What I mean to ask is which passes more link juice/increase rankings better?
  2. classybabe

    What the hell is wrong with GSC?

    It was POS anyway. Didn't give any useful info. The information wasn't accurate either. Google is a pretty crappy company, their ads sales are an all time high, Don't be surprised if one day they force people to pay to even be list in top-100, they would've already if they could
  3. classybabe

    Restore PBN from archive or start fresh?

    This is a question that's been bugging me. Which way would yield me the best results? Restoring from waybackmachine has the benefit that the site looks legit and it ranks quickly for what it used to rank before. I don't care about copyright issue and neither is it a concern as this happening is...
  4. classybabe


    The quality of the sites is nice - both in how they are setup and the stats. Now waiting on what happens to the rankings but it is still too early so hard to say.
  5. classybabe

    Can GSA SER be used as tier 1?

    I had similar question as OP - if i could experiment with PBNs on tier1 and suppose got punished or deindexed will it hurt the money site. Guess the answer is yes after reading the replies in this thread.
  6. classybabe

    PayPal - You can no longer use PayPal services.

    Thought so, they are only good for US people
  7. classybabe

    PayPal - You can no longer use PayPal services.

    Depends on the country, which one do you belong to if you don't mind sharing?
  8. classybabe

    New Google Update January 2020

    Exact same here!. Whatever it is, i hope Google finishes with it.
  9. classybabe

    UPDDIT.COM | Instant Reddit Upvote Panel | $2 Free Balance | Accs

    Loaded 5$ to test it out and the upvotes started coming within minutes!. Post is still there after a day and upvotes aren't removed. Very good service. I'll use it more and give another review if anything changes but so far so good :D
  10. classybabe

    Reddit Voter - Rank Your Reddit Posts In Front Of Subreddits

    I don't see an option to order upvotes?
  11. classybabe

    Dr. Reddit - Reddit Upvotes, Accounts, Front Page Guaranteed, Backlinks, Subreddit Creation

    Please contact me for upvotes and send prices of ages account. Thanks
  12. classybabe

    YouTube Fucked me in the Ass

    More like you did it to yourself. Why woudl you remove your channel?
  13. classybabe

    Crazy Google Dance In The Last 24 Hours

    LOL @ keywords in alt tags I am going to try 301 my domain as well
  14. classybabe

    Crazy Google Dance In The Last 24 Hours

    No, i lost my backlinks data too but the site is ranking well. Google clowns messed something up probably
  15. classybabe

    Delayed Ranking In Google...What Is Going On?

    Google holds rankings for a few days/weeks when it isn't sure that your site gained links legitimately or gaming it. Basically any site that isn't already in the top sites of the world will experience this, your legitimate SEO or following google's guidelines(bullshit) isn't going to change...
  16. classybabe

    Crazy Google Dance In The Last 24 Hours

    ^This. Please stop with the A.I nonsense. To believe that means we should all give up - think who wants us to believe that. In the past it was the content nonsense - write great content and google will magically rank you higher. Now even they admitted it's bullshit (in some tweet, one of...
  17. classybabe

    Crazy Google Dance In The Last 24 Hours

    Even i have some of it figured out, how hard it is for someone with unlimited money and a job to actually monitor rankings to figure this shit out? An airplane doesn't think. Idiots here are claiming Google has developed an A.I capable of thinking like human brain, i gave the bacteria analogy...
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