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    Anybody still running Windows XP right now? And dreading an upgrade?

    love of my life... XP.... love and simplfied life :)
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    Amazon seller

    I just wanna make my amazon sales going to a better number. Looking for reliable dropshipper , with price 100-200 to profit around 35% at least (AMUST) I can list all your products with my programmer ! If u have 200.000 product and in stock example We got a deal ! I CAN MAKE UR PRODUCT SOLD...
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    Drop Ship For Grabbing Some Feedback For Ebay

    The original post was longer but it was deleted by MOD. I guess i need to move here , to ensure that the post have appropriate location. Basically i am offering drop ship of SIMCARDS ! These simcards are prepaid wireless in UNITED STATES. Brand new and never used or activate. ALL U NEED TO...
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    BHW Gun Owners - How many of you carry?

    We decided not to have a gun , We are in Texas. Houston. HOT and worst traffics .. But We do have samurai , pepper sprays , Poisoned old school long bamboo shot etc..
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    Amazon & Ebay- Busniess Question

    You dont need business account unless u are planning to resell something from wholeseller. Which these days if u sell more than $500 , u need to report (in usa).
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    Is this a good way to get business credit?

    After 8 months finally i got a credit card offer for the business !! IT DOES REALLY WORKS ! BUSINESS CREDIT BUILDING !!
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    I'm going to be a MILLIONAIRE

    .. just cant see the big block...
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    Have legit business

    I have legit business in USA. Its new company. But problem i cant grow with new ebay or new amazon with all their limitation. (i also have bad history with ebay or amazon period). I have resell permits , have doba , have wwb access, I have petra dropship access, and much more......can get any...
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    Everyone go for a Business Account at Paypal!

    Just got my business limited after 2 months ... running .. been with paypal 20's... acct..s ... o well .... .payenemy..not paypal...
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    PayPal Holding Your Money? Could Be Help On The Way

    Been with paypal almost 20 times .. all limited .. and hold the fund ... its kind of usually feelings for me now....
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    Stealth Accounts, what happens when they look for photo ID and passport numbers etc.

    Just got banned paypal on 3 working ebay sellers account for legit products.... too bad .. past isnt pretty with paypal and ebay so .. there is no way i can get this paypal stealth lifted to freedom... any thought ? PM ... need working ebay seller too .. and of course paypal
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    More than one eBay account - Safe?

    As long as the ebay and paypal detail information are same .. its ok ... 3 ebay for one paypal...but if one have problem.. all will close down...
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    What to sell on ebay?

    Easiest way , try look on new ebay tools they called it microniche ebay finder... really helpful , simple sell whatever they have there ,.. u ll make sells..
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    Need Longer Expiry VCC for amazon pro seller

    Hello Guys, Any one can help me with that ? i pay with paypal verified Need Longer Expiry VCC for amazon pro seller. USA , txt me 832 878 6808
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    Starting of a master wholesale distributor list

    I came here 5 times already ... always got great list .. .awsome better than doba
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    Ebay/Local Seller Needed For Hot Product

    Dear friend , We are supplier of Unlimited Data 4g for Tmo" , We are looking for some local craiglist lister or ebay lister to sell our simcards. This business is OFF the hook ! We have almost 1000 simcards only take 1 months to sell. We have offer this business from 2002. We also will...
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    Amazon Pro Bulk Lister

    Hi We are looking for some Top notch for Amazon expert to help us , to bulk listing our vendors products to amazon. The product consist of different kind of categories , We are new company , We know how to use Linkworks and we just need more hands to help since we have almost 10.000 products...
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    Bulk Listing Amazon

    I need someone who can do very well on bulk listing on amazon . I have 10.000 list products ready to list. and i also accepting new suppliers . message for legit work. thanks
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    Refurbished Iphones 3G/4G 8/16/32GB

    hey yanks... what sup ... message me ... i need some for amazon...
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