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    Please fix this BHW POPUP

    Same here on Chrome - Windows OS.
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    Am i really late to the party???

    Hahahaha this guy Confusing everything with his username.
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    What is your day job?

    I work from home, 6 hours each day (I get paid per hour). I'm spending my remaining time on my websites and doing SEO. It's like my second job now.
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    Need [Advise] - Would anyone buy a site with nulled scripts?

    You're right. There shouldn't be any problem with posting tutorials. I will do it when I reach Jr.VIP 100 posts requirement. Asking members to PM me will just waste my time lol.
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    Best tool to analize backlinks

    Ahrefs trial best value for money.
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    theme wordpress

    Check the documentation of newspaper, there is a tutorial on how to optimize for speed. The tagdiv cache plugin has lots of issues, so I stopped using this theme a few months ago. another option is, look for themes here shared by members of BHW. (be careful with nulled themes)
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    Need [Advise] - Would anyone buy a site with nulled scripts?

    Most of the time there are malicious codes inside so be careful. I always null the plugins myself, the only issue is finding the "Retail" version of the plugin. There is an awesome guy on BHW, he uploads his personal copies on MEGA. I might post a (do it yourself) kind of tutorial on how to...
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    ►►► Autofill Magic ►►► WEB 2.0 Creator ►►► PBN Manager ►►► A fantastic Tier 1 Linkbuilding Tool ►►►

    May I have the discount coupon as well Mr.ningning? Both on Annual & Lifetime, I will purchase the Lifetime package if I can afford it. ~ Thank you
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    Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus Lifetime - Get Microsoft Office, 1TB Cloud Storage etc for just $7.50

    I will buy with Ethereum (ETH), please send me pm.
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    On Page SEO Techniques To Rank On First Page – 2016 Edition

    Looks interesting, posting here so I can read it when I get home.
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    Looking for project ideas to make (Bots/Programs/Scrapers/SEO tools)

    This looks interesting but not sure how well this will sell. I might consider this project if i don't find any other good ones.
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    Google Ranked Yahoo Answers Bot?

    Sounds like a good idea, Post detailed information of features and other things on my thread here.
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    Looking for project ideas to make (Bots/Programs/Scrapers/SEO tools)

    I will take a look at that website.
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    Looking for project ideas to make (Bots/Programs/Scrapers/SEO tools)

    No I don't create WP plugins, I'm mostly looking for windows software based not online based software. Article creator that's interesting, you mean like put the article topic in software and then software will fetch articles from the web a create a new unique articles from those articles?
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    Looking for project ideas to make (Bots/Programs/Scrapers/SEO tools)

    I'm looking for project ideas from BHW community, like what type of bots/scrapers/seo tools/programs you which were available on the market or you wish were better than the currently available ones. I don't mind if the projects are too big I'm open to all the ideas. Few project ideas I have...
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    SEO List Builder - Your Ultimate Tool For Link List Creation / Expansion

    BHW-DEAL May I have the coupon and link for purchase. Thanks in advance - Exim
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