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    [POLL]How do you pay less taxes?

    The problem with the "write off" stupidity is that IT WILL NEVER MAKE YOU RICH. Of course you can make 5K a month and write 5K off a month but what is the point? You are still penniless. A couple on here gave good suggestions. Here are the options. Move overseas to a no tax or low flat...
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    Panic Disorder sucks

    Cognitive behavioral therapy works. It basically just involves working out why you have anxiety and sorting out this anxiety to prevent the panic attacks from occurring. I used to smoke and found that that worked great as well. Not that I suggest picking up the habit. I basically just...
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    My Rant On JVs... I Hope My Experiences May Help Others :(

    I find this hard to believe unless you are really going cheap on the projects. You get what you pay for. You think a writer who makes $50K in the past 6 months is going to simply run away with your money when this is what he lives on? This is like saying "Ebay is a scam", because the...
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    Wow... School and College are very outdated :(

    Learning how to learn? That sounds like some BS seminar that people get conned $1,000 into paying for. Except really they pay 10's of thousands of dollars because they end up in the fraud known as college. College is a waste of a person's prime years. The stuff is so outdated as to be absurd...
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    How the hell are you getting positive roi with adwords?

    Thin affiliate promotion is a stupid business model if you ask me. I am sorry, but think about it like this. The person who created the product is the one making most of the money in the long run. He doesn't even have to write and pay to test his own campaigns, because there are a dozen suckers...
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    Guy w/ 16k ezine articles Publishes 100 per day

    Well if he got 78 views per article on average with a 10% CTR (might be higher if the call of action is good enough) that is 7.8 visitors per article to his squeeze page. He would convert at least half to subscribers because that is the whole purpose of the squeeze page and they are already...
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    Anybody doing ppc + cb?

    Not a big fan of CB and PPC, there are more profitable things to use PPC for, like your own products or list building.
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    Generate Leads Offline.

    The truth is that this method isn't going to work. There I said it. He did not make $15,000 unless he has some super secret about the ads that he is not sharing. Newspapers are dying and offer an abysmal return on an investment. For example, a one day run in the Richmond Times Dispatch costs...
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    How I lost $1K in 1 hour

    Common myth that dental decay is caused by not brushing your teeth. Research the work of Dr. Weston Price, who ran the ADA before it was the ADA. He went around the world and studied the teeth or aboriginal populations, especially those who had recently adopted civilization. Most dental caries...
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    Monitizing Realtors $30-$300 A Day.

    Well brill you never know until you try. I can't really say too much about this method other than a unique spin on it really works. Start up a site, pay for PPC, show your rankings and then write a long sales letter. Don't call them, don't email them, send them a letter with your offer. Keep...
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    Made $30 on two articles today

    AC easily tracks when you use different email addresses with the same account. The way to avoid this would be to wait until you have $500 or so in an account and then have it dumped all at once. By the time they ban it is too late.
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    Get Unlimited Free Adwords Yahoo Marketing and MSN Adcenter Vouchers

    Stay far away from anything related to 1&1. Good luck trying to cancel service. If I had the time I would sue them.
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    Ask me about making $4500 a month with ADSENSE 100% whitehat

    So OP writes his articles in French and he has a niche specific link building method. These are his two secrets. Any other tips aren't really important. The thing to keep in mind is that you always need to have an edge in IM, so think outside the box if you are trying to make money with...
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    How to make a killing out of ZIP submits

    CPA is based on conversion. I don't care whether you are white hatting or black hatting. When you have 0% conversion you are going to be shaved heavily, kicked off the offer, or kicked off the network.
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    Who Here Banks Offshore?

    You have to be joking with BVI. UK will crack you open in a second. Plenty of good banking in Europe. Just don't be stupid and pick Switzerland or something. Ever heard of Andorra cracking during its entire history? Been around a lot longer than some crap island haven. Or even just...
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    [QUESTIONS] Car Delearship Local Affiliate Programme - Adwords Profits

    A sick amount of money in leads, that is all I am willing to say about that. I wouldn't do profit sharing myself, but that is just me. Let us face it, most are going to cheat you and you have no way of verifying their sales. See how much you can get per lead and stick with that. $20 per lead...
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    Insane Adwords Traffic -> Email Submit Method $$$$

    A nice suggestion but a couple caveats. 1.) Company may sue you. 2.) This could trash your overall adwords quality score. (important to those of us who do PPC) 3.) Adwords will most likely eventually disable your ads. Google is smarter than you think and believe me if they decide to S@#$can...
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    Wow... School and College are very outdated :(

    Education is critically important. You should constantly be learning. College is just useless brainwashing and programming. Obsolete. Waste of cash and your life in 95%+ cases. Want to learn about life? Get a job. That is the real world. I started off working at a grocery store and got my own...
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    Twitter Isn't a Waste of Time If You Have a Brain

    Some people say twitter is worthless. Worthless to me means there is no monetization potential. This is true if you are talking about spamming affiliate links, but many people fail to think outside the box. I don't give specifics, just general scenarios so put your own twist on things...
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