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  1. Underwater

    Super weird with this youtube video. Happening NOW

    So you can find it later in the thread when another member did the search according to the stats I describe
  2. Underwater

    Super weird with this youtube video. Happening NOW

    I already open the stats, so I assume everyone can find this video easily to know what I mean. So I do not really advertise anything. It consumes curiousity, right
  3. Underwater

    Super weird with this youtube video. Happening NOW

    I'm not gonna share any link. Either Youtube is crazy or the owner of this video is smart. By the time I'm writing this, Most of the comments are scolding, or wondering why this video can get to the top spot. It is less than 2 minutes long. Trending #1 in indonesia Trending #4 in Malaysia...
  4. Underwater

    ⭐GET Unlimited WordPress Themes and Plugins⚡FESTINGERVAULT.COM ❤️Automatic Updates | Bulk Downloads | VirusTotal Reports ➡️ REGISTER FOR A BONUS!⚜️

    Here, I tell you the truth about the vault, No BS When It comes to download a wordpress theme or plugin from a random BHW members, I always have a doubt about its safety. Honestly, Festinger is a special case, this guy is different, since last year I've been following his thread on the forum...
  5. Underwater

    Need Help How they Generated These Pages

    May be the content/database is ready (from the previous site). And he imported and generated a new sitemap within the same day. Just my 2 cents
  6. Underwater

    What cms/script these sites are using?

    Nice.. Thanks for the advice.. got it now
  7. Underwater

    What cms/script these sites are using?

    Can anyone help me take a look into these two sites and determine what cms/script I need if I want to build similar ones? Basically, I'm planning to make a membership site that has online course content within one specific topic NOT like Udemy that...
  8. Underwater

    The WordPress & Shopify Vault will be REVAMPED! Interested in beta testing? Read THIS!

    Hey @Festinger , You are the man! I'm interested to be a beta tester. Please count me in if you still have a slot. Working on wordpress for a few years now but not yet on shopify, would love to, since many request from clients on Fiverr Thanks!
  9. Underwater

    ✅Google News Approved Websites For Sale

    If you still have English and Indonesian google news sites available, please send me the details.
  10. Underwater

    ↬ Dream Keywords ↬ Low Competition Amazon Keywords ↬

    Hi, I need a sample and discount code please if there is still an available one to use. Thanks
  11. Underwater

    Beta Advance Adsense Ad Filter. Has anyone tried?

    Hi, I have a question related to the new advance ads filter on Adsense that is currently in beta testing for some approved publishers. I am wondering if anyone here has tried it and could share the difference features in the advance ads filter compared to the current one? P.S. I could not sign...
  12. Underwater

    ♛♛♛ Amazon Affiliate Websites: Your Stairway to Passive Income | $1,500+/mo! ♛♛♛

    Hi Chintoo, Is the website niche by request when we place an order? Would you please send me a sample. Thanks
  13. Underwater

    adsense multiple accounts

    What is the point of having more than one adsense account while one account is sufficient for your 500 websites? I belive that's not a good idea since the company allowed only one account per individual. Having the same bank account for more than one account will definitely put you in trouble...
  14. Underwater

    [Giveaway] Shutterstock images/vectors

    Hi Nerva, Thank you sooo much, Very nice of you! If you do not mind, would you please get these images for me again please..
  15. Underwater

    [Giveaway] Shutterstock images/vectors

    Hi Nerva, Would you please get these images for me? Thank youuuu!
  16. Underwater

    [Giveaway] Shutterstock images/vectors

    Hi Nerva, Thank you for your kindness. That's very nice of you. Would you please get this image/vector for me:
  17. Underwater

    Hi averyone I'm from jakarta

    What's up buddy! Met datang mas Bro.. Enjoy learning! :)
  18. Underwater

    Reached 10 million Adsense Ad impressions!!

    That's awesome mate! Congratulation for your excellent achievement! Would love to hear more about your journey towards that number.. Good Job!
  19. Underwater

    Help: fastest white hat way to 1,000 visits per day?

    I think FB ads works well for your goal... these visitors are real and targetted and mostly convert well :)
  20. Underwater

    Bookmarking tiered links!

    I am curious about it as wel... coz never tried it... Ultimate Demon supports spyntex in url field... Anyone please...
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