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    Google Suggest Problem

    Would love to hear more on this topic if someone has found a solution to influence the auto suggestions at Google.
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    Change Google Autocomplete

    I'm also very interested in this for a client... Can anyone point me in the right direction of a tool, service or tried/tested method? Thanks in advance.
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    WP Pinner

    Oh man, I'm in shock that no one has this up for a [GET] yet! I was almost certain the BH'ers of the world would be all over this and sharing it by now. Will check back later.
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    F*CK MY LIFE: All Earnings Gone.... I'm Ruined.

    Just a word of advice, that I learned the hard way. I've sent sick amounts of sales to affiliate offers over the years. While in the process of moving away from 'client work' back into 'product sales' ...this time I'll be hell bent focused on one thing. Build that list of customers so even...
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    My SEO experience with blog networks

    Here's my take on it... What happens: 1) Google is good at finding footprints of people gaming the system. 2) They change when 1000s of people start using these networks or pyramids (insert other special-sauce-of-the-day trick here) How to recover: 1) They just changed the recipe: Learn...
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    How to check backlinks of competitors

    I'm still having decent luck using SEO Spyglass, but dig some of the options brought up in this thread.
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    Google Slapped?

    I had one go from Page 1...took a nose dive to page 70-80 (bouncing around there). I've had this happen a long time ago to...I just have to focus on fewer higher quality links and it'll eventually come back...oh and keep updating it with fairly unique content.
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    SITE DROPPED from google

    You got a link for that? Would love to take a peak. thx man
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    So I went on a Fiverr spree. Check it out.

    Cool... So what did you do? Just follow the steps in that guide? Personally I've had shit bounce to page 70-80...I just kept building links but at a much lower rate, focused on some more 'relevant' forum & blog links, etc... Did some decent content updates and it was back to page 1 in a few...
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    free demoniod invites

    Send one on over por favor. Would love to see what's going on over thar
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    Favorite Fiverr Gigs

    np mano...was building a gig hit list this morning so had it handy.
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    Favorite Fiverr Gigs

    on-site SEO and
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    Fiverr Gigs That Work (Fiverr SEO Gigs Ranking Thread)

    Nice thread, will keep an eye on this one.
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    [METHOD] How to find unlimited .edu and .gov links

    w0rd... Good link below and great share from the OP for those that need to get footprint happy. There are a few variations out there and this is a good one. Scrapebox for custom footprints is your friend. I love sorting core PR and deduping with that.
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    Supreme Article Marketing Domination - Quality Articles + Powerful Backlinks @ Cheap Price

    How long for completion of the small package? Thanks man. Just ordered one today. Also, I must have missed during the order process where to give you the information you need. Sent you an email to your paypal addy.
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    Are article directories closing/getting banned?

    ... sorry posted in wrong open thread...distracted/multitasking newb error ;)
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    [WTB] Web 2.0 Properties Built, Content Altered & Mounted + Links

    I need about 30-50 Web 2.0 properties/profiles built (you recommend # based on your packages offered) + bio content that I will provide mounted (with slight alterations for each mounting to avoid dup issues as much as possible) + some link hitting (nothing too hard as I need these to hit page...
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    My AMR success thread (and stats)

    Was it a new site? have any quality links going on besides blasting articles? simit
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    Google penalties, are these real?

    Dupe content item: How are the AMR posters only spinning title and resource box, and getting decent results fairing these days? Xrumer profiles: Is that penalty you've noticed from ONLY building profile links and not having that account create other posts, etc? thx simit
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