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  1. celeca

    Followliker not completing actions on account. Can't figure out why.

    Same problem. Thing is the update was not made (still .7 instead of .8) FL staff told me to install manually so I will do it and see today.
  2. celeca

    followliker or jarvee?

    advantage of Jarvee over FL is that the schedule can be randomized. Plus FL doesn't have any update from months but still working.
  3. celeca

    FollowLiker still working?

    Still working for me but I don't use any proxy.
  4. celeca

    Followliker Money Grab

    I have no problem on FL
  5. celeca

    My followliker won't like or comment?

    It is possible that Instagram blocked your likes. So try to do it from Chrome to see if your likes are really working. Otherwise, wait for 1 day or 2 and start again liking less, less fast
  6. celeca

    followliker sitting

    It is as black as your answer helps him hahahah. I would say begin very low and look for journeys of people doing it here. Low: 50 follows and 50 likes per day max and increase every week by 25 or 50. Randomize likes and follows/unfollows. Don't do it 24 hours a day, make it look like natural...
  7. celeca

    my FollowLiker stopped working!

    I had the problem on Mac sierra 10.13.2 I downloaded and installed Java SE Development Kit 9 (google it) , without restarting the computer And now everything is fine FL 9.8.4 updated
  8. celeca

    Ello and TSU

    From june 2017 its traffic has increased from 1350K to 1850K . The engagement doesn't look spammy so it might be interesting. I´ll dig it and come back.
  9. celeca

    Your Top 3 Tips for Facebook accounts

    Sure, for example, your Niche is Guinea Pigs. You go search Guinea Pigs on facebook, then look at Posts or Photos with a lot of comments. Read them and if react, be social (the is social in social media) because most of those pages won't answer to any question, they will just like the comments...
  10. celeca

    Help with backlinks

    1st of all, I would advise you to post this message on White Hat SEO. Backlinks from social media are only counted by Google for the juice they provide. 2nd make some research before on the web, there are plenty of articles and then ask a more precise question. This one seems a bit lazy :-) no...
  11. celeca

    Your Top 3 Tips for Facebook accounts

    1 - Build some content related to your Niche. Use Albums so you can update them and re-up them 2 - Search from posts from your niche and look for the accounts who are reposting with many likes, invite them for friendship. If they are asking why tell them about the posts they actually shared. 3 -...
  12. celeca

    FollowLiker HELP!

    Yes you can scrap posts and reblog them
  13. celeca

    Is anyone using Tumblr followliker?

    I do use it and well, this is the only one social media I can't do anything with FL. Instagram is doing well, Twitter too, Pinterest meh... and Tumblr absolutely no difference with Follow/NoFollow and likes. I don't use any queue posting though. One of the solutions could be being setting a...
  14. celeca

    Tumblr Followliker Settings

    5000 blogs 200 follows per day There is also a limit of 1000 likes per day. I have a question: for example if the query for "scrape user" would have two words like white horses. Should I write white-horses replacing the space by minus, or let it as white horses
  15. celeca


    Hi there, I add my question here because the answer might interest the future FL clients. If you get the 5 accounts clients and Manage Five Accounts , for Instagram for example , can you switch to new accounts or once it is set for good and you cannot change? Thanks by advance!
  16. celeca

    Importance of an URL niche related for Instagram

    Up. No answer so far? Maybe I wasn't clear or the question is irrelevant?
  17. celeca

    Backlinks from livejournal blogs are any good????

    2016 update? :-)
  18. celeca

    Starting tumblr but I don't know how to get followers

    I search the keyword of my niche in tumblr then I go to the newest posts instead of the most popular (because those account won't follow you) And then I like the posts. You can do it with the keyboard "J" and "L" (works on tweeter as well) or you can make an Imacro. If your blog as good content...
  19. celeca

    [QUESTION] What's the best way to add your link to Wikipedia?

    There are such services on fiverr but I never tried.
  20. celeca

    Importance of an URL niche related for Instagram

    Hey there, I know that for Tumblr, your blog name has an importance for the SEO, as it is appearing in the URL and it has more chance to appear on google. But I am new to Instagram and you all already guessed the question: If your interest is about donuts for example, is it good SEOwise to...
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