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    Markethealth: Worst Affiliate program

    maybe that is why conversion is too low.. i dont use it too..
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    Account suspended - high CPU / RAM usage

    100 RSS in 1 autoblog? totally spam.. i only use 10 rss just to keep the freshness..
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    Any Active Filipino BlackHatter?

    Im in! Lets have a meet-up and share some knowledge and tools.
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    Any Active Filipino BlackHatter?

    pinoy here from Makati. add me up and let exchange ideas
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    Can my first autoblog work?

    if its autoblog content, image, and video should be automated too..
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    I've Got 400 do-follow Sites all PR 1-6...but I've Got a Question, Can You Help?

    yes that is true. Same IP = Useless backlinks IP diversity is very important.
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    SEO20's ultimate script-collection FREE

    Thank you! I was waiting for answers for a couple of days now.. I tried the script, but when it the directory site validates the IP logger script it successfully validates the reciprocal link without the fake spoofer script. I dunno what's going on with this, have you tested it?
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    SEO20's ultimate script-collection FREE

    Its not working with me.. :eek: i tried it twice.. can you give me an example of link directory working with this script??
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    {---From Angela Edwards ---}

    nonesense. she better think more about this..
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    Angela's links worthless?

    yes they work. check her sample page.
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    How to Automate Profile Links?

    iMacros. totally excellent tool if you want to build links
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    Where to hire forum & comment shills?

    message me i can do this..
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    Related Youtube Videos WP Plugin?

    I can setup this for you. Message me if you want it.
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    ******** PR4 and PR5 Backlinks

    this is useless since pages are comming from one ip address.. you need more backlinks from various places.
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    In Need of a Tool to Separate Duplicated Keywords from Good Keywords

    EXCEL would do the trick. You can auto advance filter them so you'll get only the original keyword list.
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    I Got IMacros For Profile BackLinks Can Auto Mate Whole Process Should I Make it Public ??

    imacro on social bookmark is not new.. but if you combine it with captcha breaking scripts would definitely rock!! Please share it to BHW. Thanks!!
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    [GET] Imacros Article Finder

    thanks i love it!! i can continue working on with this and automatically post save article to my wordpress blog.
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    20 Easy Backlinks

    yeah.. spamming it is, it should be related to your niche.
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    My life's first autoblog ready! Please review!

    try changing the template... it doesn't look real to me.
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