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    Stuck at IMDB Movies Importing

    i can make custom script if you need.. it can import links or embed as well
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    decrypt javascript code

    hi i want to decrypt js code.. can someone help me? if it's not allowed here.. mode plz remove it.. thanks <script type="text/javascript">var...
  3. Z

    Imacros Scripting - Adding New Text Into Two Fields With Each Loop - $15

    your inbox full.. let me know i may able to work on it.. thanks
  4. Z

    Fix a PHP contact form

    let me know if you still after this... ;)
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    Looking to hire a master at creating bots!

    doing it in imacro and PHP let me konw.. :)
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    Need a PHP script coded

    I can do it. let me know if you still after this thanks
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    Looking for Video Uploaders [Must have fast internet connection] - long term job

    speed 100 mbps.. added you in skype.. let me know if you still after that thanks
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    Need help on installing ffmpeg on shared hosting they don't allowed in shared hosting
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    $20 for a few hours work

    come on guys... Job have already been completed Read it before post
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    [WTB]Custom Bot development with ubot zennoposter etc

    how about with iMacro in .js ? i sent you p-m.. let me know
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    I need someone that creates 20 facebook accounts - read inside

    10$ .... couple hours let me know thanks
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    Need a way to find Western Union MTCN with the sender's and receiver's name

    You can find it by way I sent you. For that you must have some details [ of course not MTCN ] like.. first name,last name of sender and receiver, date of sent money and total amount.
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    Need a way to find Western Union MTCN with the sender's and receiver's name

    you can use sender phone number if you don't have both then check link down of the form Don't know your tracking number(MTCN) or Phone Number? it will ask you other details to track it..
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    Hiring VA to manage bots/multiple accounts on several campaigns.

    ping me if you still after that..
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    Looking for a good email scraper or someone to create one for my needs

    I can make it something like you want.. sending you p-m with skype info thanks
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    (WTH) Need someone to source avatar pics

    i have just sent you p-m.. let me know :)
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    Looking For Email Scraper For Https

    are e-mails visible on that site? if so, it's possible to scrape
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    Need Simple PHP Script Done

    you haven't replied on skype yet.
  19. Z

    Need Simple PHP Script Done

    added you on skype ;)
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