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  1. Craig Davison

    Anyone using should be careful

    Employees can access your data on pretty much every single web service - big deal. I'm happy with Notion as a product and I'm sure they'll add more privacy features such as 2FA and maybe end to end encryption too.
  2. Craig Davison


    Thanks this worked really well...try some of the other verification methods if it doesn't work first time....
  3. Craig Davison

    How much can an active 10k instagram sell for?

    Probably around the £100-300 price range...depends on engagement though
  4. Craig Davison

    Btc vs Bcc

    BCC iis BitConnect which is something completely different
  5. Craig Davison

    How to manage so many social media logins

    You'll have to look for some third party apps. AFAIK Instagram only allows 5 accounts on each phone for example.
  6. Craig Davison

    A Young Lad's Jouney to $XXX/day with Instagram

    Awesome I'll be following this journey. Good luck! I'm following a very similar path to you with Instagram :)
  7. Craig Davison

    [IG] your post is performing 95% better

    I've only received this notice once today. Seems like Facebook/Instagram does this thing a lot to convince you to promote it :)
  8. Craig Davison

    Usernames with trademarks or the word "Official"

    "Beyonce" is not a registered trademark AFAIK so those accounts are mostly fine. If you are: 1. Not using a registered trademark 2. Putting "fan account" etc. in bio're fine.
  9. Craig Davison

    how to get free vps for life

    You have to be prepared to spend a bit, no free VPS will be any good.
  10. Craig Davison

    [FREE] Themeforest March Freebies

    Yes but you need to sign into your Envato account.
  11. Craig Davison

    How Do You Save Up Money?

    Have an emergency fund and just save a little bit every day. Everyone starts somewhere
  12. Craig Davison

    How to earn $50?

    Think about your skills and do something which revolved around that.
  13. Craig Davison

    Can I legally use the word "google" in a domain name?

    Not worth it - you're very likely to get a request for you to drop the domain and all your work will be wasted
  14. Craig Davison

    Any Site That Offers Cheap .Com Domains? [Please Help]

    Check the website TLD list - it shows cheapest places to get .coms
  15. Craig Davison

    How to deal with shoutout requests?

    Definitely don't undersell yourself or offer something for free. Ask for their budget and then you can over time get a good idea.
  16. Craig Davison

    Which email provider choose

    Yep I agree with this. Get your own domain and you can setup unlimited email accounts *
  17. Craig Davison

    best instagram bot?

    I prefer online tools personally so you don't have to muck around with VPSs or your computer. Instagress, etc.
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