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  1. Olly

    So sad :( my brother wispa died today

    Apologies if this turns out to be genuine but this thread made me think of this
  2. Olly

    I'm looking for an add designer that Tommy recomended ? :)
  3. Olly

    What kind of music do you guys listen to?

    Rock, but mostly punk rock.
  4. Olly

    BlackhatWorld site hurts my eyes!!!!

    Yeah I don't like dark themes at all and can't look at sites with them for more than a couple of minutes. So I installed Stylish for Firefox and ligtened the colors up.
  5. Olly

    Joke of the day

    I met a girl the other day when I was out. A bit later, we went back to her place. We were in the lounge and were on the sofa, we were kissing and stuff. After a little while she looks at me and says, "Shall we take this up stairs?" So I looked at hair and said, "Ok, you grab one end and I'll...
  6. Olly

    $$$$$$$ - How to Monetize NFL Football Season (which starts very soon)

    I have a domain that would be perfect for this since I tried doing some similar stuff with for the Champions League (soccer) a few months ago, so I'll give this a shot :)
  7. Olly

    What do cheques from e-whoring look like?

    Pretty much like any other cheque, except that they have tits in place of the zeros.
  8. Olly

    Which forum is better ?

    I prefer the 3.x series much more than 4.
  9. Olly

    [BUG] - Sub Pages not working on BHW

    If you can't view a page of a thread, that usually happens if the page you are trying to click on contains a post by a user (or multiple users) that has been put on the global ignore list. It might not be the reason here, but on vBulletin forums that's usually what happens.
  10. Olly

    Got paranoid after registering

    If I had previously been falsely accused of being part of Al-Qaeda, the first thing I would do after Osama Bin Laden died is make a website dedicated to him...
  11. Olly

    Change forum theme?

    Yep I have the same problem, I don't like dark styles at all. To change from the dark one, go to the bottom of the page, there's a dropdown menu on the left. Choose "Default Style". You can also change it in your User CP.
  12. Olly

    How Retarded is THIS? (RANT, dammit...)

    Well I think it's more of a recommendation made to look like a requirement as they're WMV files. I just tried and can view them fine in VLC.
  13. Olly

    Happy Christmas From UK!

    Merry Christmas!
  14. Olly

    whats yours first name?

    Same here :p
  15. Olly

    What would everyone think of this.

    I think it'd be a good idea if it worked completely. Like said previously, it'd probably be hard to filter out all free email providers though. There's only one forum I've ever been a member of that's been able to filter out spammers and idiots in the main forum. They filter out the main free...
  16. Olly

    I have 2 domain names worth $XX,XXX I need help to find buyers

    I know you said you don't want to spend the time browsing domain forums but incase you can get someone to do it for you I'd recommend Namepros and/or DNForum for either selling or getting more info;
  17. Olly

    How to beat YT audio fingerprinting...

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