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  1. Jughead

    Buy Instagram Verified

    Wait what if were thinking about this all wrong.. The blue IG Veri badge can only be from a famous / well-known person yah?.. I'm thinking its a 'trick' per-say. Is anyone on BHW verified on IG?.......... If so.. can you change your name once verified? I bet after they get verified on IG, they...
  2. Jughead

    Growing a Youtube account using bought views

    I actually just posted this on a similar post, im not sure if it's still relevant because im out of youtube but it would be worth the 15mins to test it.
  3. Jughead

    IS there is any way to get your youtube video in trending ?

    Pretty sure the old method was make the video private when you upload,, and than bot the views up to 200k+, than change the video to "Public" and use a drip feed.. Not sure if it works anymore but that used to be the way to rank up videos/get featured. Also finding the biggest video in the...
  4. Jughead

    How do rappers blow up on SoundCloud ?

    Tbh, i'd say put some money and time into finding a IG or twitter bot to gain his account up. When u blow up on ig u can put "new music in bio" in your description rather than a direct link/spoofed link as your picture caption. Than all you have to do is get on the explore page by boosting his...
  5. Jughead


    I'd highly suggest 'Addmefast' or some other basic app like that for free followers. JUst make a fake account and rack points on it, use on another account. They even have apps on android and iphone if you are looking for just a ton of fake followers. Or buy MassP or something of that sort.
  6. Jughead

    What is everyone SAFELY using now-a-days for delay timers and such?

    @elavmunretea I was actually just reading your post! I'd agree with all the information, but im looking for smaller scale at the moment. Probably going to roughly follow your guide with a few minor tweaks (Like tagging a main account in the description of every post the fake accounts make)...
  7. Jughead

    What is everyone SAFELY using now-a-days for delay timers and such?

    Hmm what's your time zone? Never thought about maybe botting at a time with higher user activity, although im sure it wouldn't really matter it's still the information im looking for. Thanks for the contribution man. How long you been at the Instagram game?
  8. Jughead

    How does Follow Liker compare to other bots?

    gimme ur settings bruv. <3
  9. Jughead

    What is everyone SAFELY using now-a-days for delay timers and such?

    Sorry about the slightly misleading title, but I wanted to grab as much attention as I could. I haven't been around much in the past few years, but I'm getting back into the Seo life. Basically the question is this: What is everyone SAFELY using now-a-days for delay timers and such? I am...
  10. Jughead


    Currently wondering the same thing. 30k account following 5k now// was following 15k before my manual clean. Never had a niche, just meme posted years back when it was in it's early days. My question is; did we screw ourselves? I have no idea what my followers are into besides humor lol, and you...
  11. Jughead

    How to build a private content locker using 2 wordpress plugins

    Lol'd when i opened the first picture and saw the survey names :D
  12. Jughead

    Levopanel - SMM Reseller Panel Platform | Start your own SMM (Social Media Marketing) Business

    Very interested... Just wondering how fast the "services" are. what's the Daily/hourly rate for likes/comments???? and is it only fb/ig/and youtube? Waiting to purchase.
  13. Jughead

    Addmefast Bot - Social Exchanger Pro v3.0 +[kingdomlikes bot, like4like bot]

    Bot keeps crashing after this new update :( ???? Crashes as soon as bot trys to auto-login
  14. Jughead

    FB Like Jacking Ninja V4 (2016 Edition) - Get Free Facebook Likes To Your Pages And Sites

    @shezboy --- Christmas coupons? <3 always been interested in trying this. Gunna test on 1 site when i get the code.
  15. Jughead

    Interested in striking it rich? ---> ISO designer / programmer help

    I am in search of a business partner per say. I have what I'm thinking could potentially be the next big "Social media network". It's a simple enough idea that it shouldn't take anymore than INTERMEDIATE programming skill / website design. I'm fairly sorry I'm being so secretive,, can't really...
  16. Jughead

    Addmefast Bot - Social Exchanger Pro v3.0 +[kingdomlikes bot, like4like bot]

    Getting a "license expired" pop up, can't log on to the client. @Botsky ??? /Why has no one found a better system than skype to communicate over haha? Ill make a new one soon and add whoever @'ed me.
  17. Jughead

    Addmefast Bot - Social Exchanger Pro v3.0 +[kingdomlikes bot, like4like bot]

    You really need to work on your captcha solver.... 4 larger accounts banned in 3 days.... all due to the fact it just sits at the captcha and doesn't do aything for hours till i get home and complete it. I dont even use L4L, ban rate is kinda high and a ton of captcha's that this tool is...
  18. Jughead

    Addmefast Bot - Social Exchanger Pro v3.0 +[kingdomlikes bot, like4like bot]

    Bots still working well man. Thanks for the constant support, your sleep schedule must be.. Interesting. -One key gives you unlimited access right? Would you suggest running the program 3 times on the same computer? I'm wondering how much I can "scale" this up a bit. Proxies of course.
  19. Jughead

    [method] People getting 500k likes /day with this method now

    This has a ton of potential. Wonder how much word as leaked out around the internet about it. You can share your "page" from personal/fake accounts.. Get more views. Put a link to an external WP website in the description WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA. Maybe add likejacker to your website even for...
  20. Jughead

    [REVIEWS NEEDED] My Instagram Millions eBook

    If there's any small hope of a chance i can get a copy somehow that would be great. Instagram is a project I've been working on for a few years as well but it's time to amp it up! Can also review for spelling / grammatical issues blah blah. Very interested though. Let me know <3 plz gods of...
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