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    Which video maker program do you recommend?

    I use After Effects for editing, and Sony Vegas for acutal production/putting it together.
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    What version of photoshop are you using?

    I use CS4, I just never saw the need to update:p
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    YoutubeSupply - $0.35/k Dirt CHEAP Fast High Retention Views - Rank Your Videos Today!

    Very competitive and incredible pricing ( especially for the likes) look forward to using this
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    ** !! Facebook WorldWide Likes At Just 1$ Per 1k** (Approved)

    Cheapest ive seen so far wow :) cant wait to give this a try!1
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    TWTVIRAL - Buy Twitter Followers which Retweet and Favorite All Your Tweets GO VIRAL!

    This is really interesting, I'm definitely considering using this to help my account take off ;)
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    TWITTER FOLLOWERS! Genuine & Have Real Active People as Your Followers

    Favorited this on my browser, I like the idea of REAL followers. Checking this out :cool:
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    Richest 17 year old on twitter! And he is ballin out of control

    :repost: Ive seen that kid before, must be nice lmao
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    Actually getting views with Fiverr?

    from what I've seen on that site, social media followers etc. sell incredibly fast. So i back this up.:01:
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    Post what you're listening to RIGHT NOW

    Above and Beyond live at Ultra 2014
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    Cheapest Rate | YouTube Views | Facebook Likes | Instagram & Twitter Followers + More!

    Excited to try this out today, will update once order is placed/completed :itsme:
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    PANEL FOR THE BIG 4! Youtube , Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!! LOW PRICES!

    Signing up because today's pay day :D excited to see what this is all about
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    *****Instagram & Twitter Reseller Panel: Most Reliable Provider In BHW!*****

    Going to check this out, the images were a total seller :bling:
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    My first little logo

    I like it, mainly because it's simple and gets the point across. However, a shaded background would look cool, not necessarily black but between white-gray-black
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    Which video maker program do you recommend?

    Agreed. I'll use after effects for editing but actually structure everything and put it together in Sony Vegas
  15. O - Buy High Retention YouTube Views (Instant Start), Likes and Subscribers!

    woah, extremely good prices. That 1 million price is unmatchable :cool:
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    My introduction

    Hi BHW! I'd like to introduce myself very briefly; My name is Anthony, I'm really into music production and slowly learning graphics design. Ive known of BHW and always been one of those lurkers for a few years now, and today I finally decided to make an account :cool: Anyways, see yall around!
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    Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Private Reseller Panel

    or PM me if that is possible.
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    Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Private Reseller Panel

    Going to PM you once I have enough posts, thanks!
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