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  1. titalian

    13,000 Hot Chicks Take a look here also if you want..... instead of having to split......
  2. titalian

    13,000 Hot Chicks

    oops guess by the time I wrote this message this was already realized by others :) thanks...looking foreward to this as i could make use of this
  3. titalian

    SCRAPEBOX!! Forum Poster? Bye Bye Xrumer!

    Well after reading over this I have a couple of good reasons as to why this would be cool, even though profile linking is lost some value as well as the delete rate etc, heres some POSITIVE things to look for: 1. You won't have to pay a charge each time you need a blast done 2. Shouldn't be...
  4. titalian

    Keyword with 250000 searches without competion.

    I wouldn't be surprised this is a broad figure to begin with.
  5. titalian

    [FREE] SEnuke for Exec. VIPs

    He left 4 another dimension.
  6. titalian

    All SEO Industry Will be DEAD in less then 1month! YES Yahoo Have ****ed it up!

    Amen to being able to blocking these kinds of intelligent services =) Competitor gets all excited about finding backlinks, only to find....THEIR bot isint permitted there. DAMN! hehe
  7. titalian

    All SEO Industry Will be DEAD in less then 1month! YES Yahoo Have ****ed it up!

    Most tools in the market make use of Yahoo's Site Explorer. Google nor Bing comes close to the accuracy and amounts Yahoo would be able to pick up. If this happens, this is actually good news as noobs won't be able to follow up on competitors links, only to destroy its values. There could be...
  8. titalian

    Loaded a list of 27,800 keywords into scrapebox

    I bet you'll end up with 1 million URLS by the end of your scan =)
  9. titalian

    Italian People Here?

  10. titalian

    Black Hat SEO Contest - Last Person To Post Wins $100

    "I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." -Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
  11. titalian

    Youtube Banned My IP

    Wow , ok so download one of the bunch of FREE VPN services to test for starters. to add to that list to CHOOSE from: Take your pick, install it, make sure...
  12. titalian

    Youtube Banned My IP

    Yes see if the MAC address was indeed changed, should have anyhow... Clear cookies, cache etc. Get a fresh proxy and try logging into an account.
  13. titalian

    Youtube Banned My IP

    Hey Visionary, I see you say you tried loads of proxies without any kinda results? Try changing your MAC address possibly. Here's a free software to do this, just follow instructions and try going through with proxies etc again. Post back if any results. technitium*com/tmac/index*html...
  14. titalian

    Blackhatworld Growing

    I could not help but agree here. As BHW grows so do the weapons of mass n00bshyit flood the boards with completely worthless content.:tee:
  15. titalian

    Blackhat Slogans ;)

    "It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White"- Michael Jackson
  16. titalian

    Blog commenting - how to tell if admin must approve?

    Maybe you were somebody else's proxy at some point or another. lol
  17. titalian

    ALL UPLOADERS Please read: 10 x Mirror Automatic Uploads with RapidSpread

    oh and they are selling their script for 100$ ;)
  18. titalian

    ALL UPLOADERS Please read: 10 x Mirror Automatic Uploads with RapidSpread

    Here's one that can upload up to 12 different mirrors:
  19. titalian

    Euro 2008

    Man can't wait for Sunday.....what a classic match... I just hope whoever wins that match goes all the way through hehe Also im having some sort of feeling that Turkey may very likely be in the finals. I think they can come out with a win over Germany somehow , someway... :confused:
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