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  1. Auslander

    Keep a profile Grindr online for 2 hours

    In order to stay online, like you said, your user need to stay active. (it's not the same as online) Most of the apps/website will have a "Stay-Alive" or some type of configuration that determine the amount of time the user is not active and terminate the connection. Your browser could be...
  2. Auslander

    Evading Selenium Detection: The Ultimate Guide

    Thank you for sharing! Great guide and great collection of resources, saving and voting for the next.
  3. Auslander

    [Journey] making $1000/month with realistic AI model

    Good luck in your journey and great realistic goals can get bigger, stay motivated.
  4. Auslander

    Hello! I am newbie

    Welcome to BHW. Everyone started as a Newbie so give it time. Have a look in the SEO forums, share or read information until you could offer your service.
  5. Auslander

    I discovered a threshold method in google ads, where can I sell it?

    Good luck, I just think quick money isn't the best money. To keep it in "making money" subject, make as much as you can while looking for platform (or here). I mean making the accounts is technically making money. You wrote that your method is in video, you can try making also a written...
  6. Auslander

    I discovered a threshold method in google ads, where can I sell it?

    There a Marketplace Seller option, cost more but easier and quicker. (And there's always the option to engage more with the forum to lower the price) Friendly question, why do you prefer to sell the method instead of accounts?
  7. Auslander

    I Answer All Your Questions About SEO.

    -General speaking, when do you think is the proper time to submit a new site to Google Search Console? -Would you say your history in software helped you along the way with SEO?
  8. Auslander

    What are some of your current projects?

    Putting the time to study Flask and DB will help you in the long run, good luck and give it time & patience. Using Python, scraping and sending to clients, servers check-ups and reports. The rest is manual/in development.
  9. Auslander

    Does anyone know how to make a smm panel service? Not the panel but the service?

    Like @hexagonal said "had to invest around 10k and time". Before investing your money & time, make sure you have the proper tools and knowledge. Try starting small to practice and do a research in the Social Media forums, you should learn how to handle the accounts before getting them. I...
  10. Auslander

    What are some of your current projects?

    Automate my daily used scripts and optimize their runtime and automation in general. App development or DB's will be my next stop to improve.
  11. Auslander

    New here and want to do nerd things

    Welcome to BHW, you should check the Programming forum for practicing ideas or help if needed. Good luck
  12. Auslander

    New Member

    Welcome to BHW, there's a lot of guides and useful information here.
  13. Auslander

    My Realistic Journey to $10k/pm [OnlyFans Management Agency]

    Great vision and management plan ;) Generally speaking of course, what is the differences in your approach/mindset between this time and the previous project? (I'm not in the field of OF... but looking lol)
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