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  1. acapitalTee

    **The Original Sales Thread Designer - UK Based Graphic Designer - Logos, Banners, Websites, Print**

    PhotoshopDesign I sent you a message. I am looking to get a quote or estimate on design for a website
  2. acapitalTee

    Using subdomain for Adult Website

    2 conflicting opinions... hmmm.... But I think I'll go with @Nut-Nights on this one since that is what my gut was telling me anyway. Probably shouldn't have adult related material affiliated with my main site anyway. Thanks for the responses. I dont see the like buttons anymore for some reason...
  3. acapitalTee

    Using subdomain for Adult Website

    I need advice on whether using a subdomain for my adult website would affect my main domain SEO? Please somebody give me some advice. This will be my first ever adult website and not sure what to do as I don't want to affect my main website's SEO
  4. acapitalTee

    Verystream dying? Any other video hosting solution?

    Upload them to google drive and then buy a plug-in such as elite video player or ultimate video player or something similar if you aren’t using wordpress to insert your own ads in the videos
  5. acapitalTee

    HELP - Need to make Custom Post Type a Child Page

    So what I have done is I have created a custom post type that I want to be a child page of a regular Wordpress Page. I've done this because I want a customized archive page since I'm trying to make a Silo structure. So my site looks like this
  6. acapitalTee

    5000-10000$/per month with your own Movie Streaming Website

    I would like to see a sample site
  7. acapitalTee

    Selling fully anonymous private proxies - very fast activation - 24/7 support

    Can I have a coupon code? Also I added you on skype for other questions I have. Thx in advance
  8. acapitalTee

    Journey to $10,000 a month using Youtube

    QUICK UPDATE 57 Sales so far for a total of $854.43 Horrible? Yes I know. But my hard drive that I ordered came and it was a dud so I had to send it back and wait for another one so once again I haven't been doing any work... Life has been stressful lately. It seems like if it isn't one...
  9. acapitalTee

    Journey to $10,000 a month using Youtube

    I posted current video views In my updates. Website gets around 20-50 unique visitors a day but I’m using stat counter which I think counts bot visits so it’s probably a lot less. Idk...My best video has around 5.2k views. Most coming from suggested videos. Some from search. Age group ranges...
  10. acapitalTee

    Costum content lockers

    Most networks provide their own content locker that you can customize. Create you a background template in photoshop and upload it to your network.
  11. acapitalTee

    Journey to $10,000 a month using Youtube

    I don't really think $10 a day in the amount of time I've been working as fast but I guess. No I don't use facebook ads or any ads. All I'm using is youtube videos. Right now most of my traffic comes from one particular video. The audience I'm with are eager to get what I'm providing so they...
  12. acapitalTee

    Journey to $10,000 a month using Youtube

    Doubt is a form of fear. Fear will prevent you from success. I have a 10 year old son and he watches youtube and he leaves youtube all the time to go to other sites. But hey, do what ever you want to do. It's my advice. And in regard to my comment about stolen content, we aren't talking about...
  13. acapitalTee

    Journey to $10,000 a month using Youtube

    Thank you for reading! My product is an ebook that I wrote myself. The ebook is pretty much an in depth guide describing how to join a membership site that specializes in my niche. So once you figure out what your audience wants, create a product. Since you have a kid friendly related website...
  14. acapitalTee

    Journey to $10,000 a month using Youtube

    UPDATE: Earnings: $389.74 from 26 sales. I'm still charging $14.99 for my product. Youtube Stats: 183 Subscribers: +61 in the past 28 days 22 Videos Uploaded: Only 3 of those videos have over 1K views and they have been uploaded for over a month. So far I've been averaging around $10 a...
  15. acapitalTee

    Name your top 3 cartoons when you grew up!

    Rugrats Rocket Power Doug
  16. acapitalTee

    Anyone wanna start a Quora Journey together?

    Had no idea about Quora partnership. I'll be looking into it. Thanks for posting. I'm interested to see what this journey thread will look like. A comparison journey. How unique :D
  17. acapitalTee

    Journey to $10,000 a month using Youtube

    Just checking in. I know I said I would update this everyday but I don't like to update without any good news. So here I am one month later updating you guys So I have around 60ish videos uploaded. I have uploaded more but they have been getting removed by haters lol I decided to monetize by...
  18. acapitalTee

    Wordpress plugin to limit post views

    I have nothing to be worried about because I bought the real plugin. It was only $39 I checked that one out but it doesn't quite have all the features I want.
  19. acapitalTee

    Wordpress plugin to limit post views

    Just an update. I found Ultimate Membership Pro that more or less does the same thing for a lot cheaper. If anyone is interested just let me know and I'll upload it
  20. acapitalTee

    How I can make money with this idea!

    Have you tried Stripe? If you can't do that then maybe try making your site free to access for a limited amount of time and then content locking the site with CPA. Or require users to refer your site (X) amount of times before they can access. And sell the site for money once you start getting...
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