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    The fastest way to get Instagram to 10k

    how many follows is ok nowadays? Account is 6 months old
  2. J

    Low CTR for keyword in google search

    The ctr for the keyword being in average 7.4 is very low. How could it be explained? What position should I have to get 10% of ctr?
  3. J

    Hide fingerprint buying new domain for PBN

    Hi, I found a good domain for PBN. I want to buy it safely. Is it enough to buy it from other domain seller in my country? Or I should care about anything else? Of course hosting will be on another server then my main website.
  4. J

    Shipping from India

    I want to ship some products from India from Indian eshop. But they do shipping only in India. Are there any kind of proxy services - someone orders products in India and then ships the products to me to Europe (Lithuania)?
  5. J


    samples please
  6. J

    Any ideas what to build? I'm a developer

    I am in kindof similar situation :) I have 20 years experience in web and API development, think a lot about my own app but can't proceed further :D
  7. J

    Google adsense Invalid traffic

    following, I am interested too. Where is your traffic is coming from? Search engines, social media?
  8. J

    Pinterest earning methods

    And you successfully do it now? Maybe you have big traffic from other sources like google? How much content do you have overall? And how many words per page you have?
  9. J

    Pinterest earning methods

    Anybody successfully make money of pinterest + adsense? In my case when I do some traffic from pinterest my adsense account gets suspended for several days. If there is no traffic from pinterest then everything works fine with adsense. Anybody knows how to use adsense + pinterest?
  10. J

    Expiration Date of the domain

    hmmm.. Domain Status: ok Domain Status: renewPeriod SO bad news for me. Thank you for the answer
  11. J

    Expiration Date of the domain

    I found several amazing domains that are potentially expired. The interesting thing that checking their expiration date via whois I see for example 2019 year but I can't buy it and I get message that domain is already taken. Anybody has any ideas? As I know you can't register domain after 2...
  12. J

    99% of People Are Building Backlinks All Wrong

    what do you think about backlinks from reddit(post, comment, sidebar)?
  13. J

    High Quality Niche Relevant Blog Comments Service & 100% Handmade

    what is the point of such comments? Probably the rankings will not go up. It is only for backlink diversity when you do guest posts or pbn?
  14. J

    Another journey! let's make this one succesfuller than the others I had

    How do you become a mod of subreddit? Or you create them on your own? What is the niche you are working in?
  15. J

    best way to use tumblr

    anybody gets sales from tumblr? My account has 700+ followers and 5-50 notes per post? But no sales. I add my link to ecommerce from time to time in post
  16. J

    Daily tracking specific keywords positions in google search

    yes, I found that I can ise google api but only 100 queries a day for free. Maybe enough for one project
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