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  1. DanielDP

    Can i reupload other peoples photo on my instagram?

    if the post is on Instagram - DM content owner and ask for permission. Instagram is now very strict about copyright issues so in the long run your account may be banned if reposted by the content owner
  2. DanielDP

    [STUDY] Evolution of Instagram Engagement in 2021

    for me this decreases interaction
  3. DanielDP

    Problem with Hashtags - What's happening to them?

    Every day I post two posts and every three posts i repeat the hashtag (Example: on monday I use hashtags 1 and 2, on tuesday i use hashtags 3 and 1, on wednesday I use hashtags 3 and 2 and repeat). Is that the problem?
  4. DanielDP

    Problem with Hashtags - What's happening to them?

    Does anyone have the same problem with me? All of my posts for the past week have had the same problem. During the first hour the number of impressions from hashtags can reach several hundered (Example 457 impressions from hashtags). But after two hours, it increased very slowly (467...
  5. DanielDP

    How to connect with influencers/bloggers?

    Follow them, like and comment in their post, you should choose people who comment on other influencer posts
  6. DanielDP

    Instagram Pods Seems Helpful

    Instagram pod on instagram is not working for me since 2020. I think it's due to Instagram algorithm change, they do not consider the engagement from the instagram pod on telegram to be real
  7. DanielDP

    Why some posts do not show impression from hashtag?

    There are some posts I use hashtags that I have used in previous posts, but in instagram insight does not show impression from hashtag. I don't have a shadowban. I use different hashtags for every post, I reuse it every two posts - Is that the cause?
  8. DanielDP

    Why there are posts with less than 100 likes can show up in the top post tab of hashtag?

    When I researched some hashtags I see that some posts in the top post tab of some hashtags have like less than 100. I know likes are not the deciding factor in whether a post can be in the top of the hashtag in 2021 (or 2020), but why are posts with such low engagement at the top of hashtags...
  9. DanielDP

    Any way to reset a bad trust score on IG?

    Post viral content, use the correct hashtag and get natural followers from scratch. If you use auto-follow, your number of followers is nothing more than just a number. Focus on content.
  10. DanielDP

    Where to find engagement groups?

    Telegram has lots of public engagement group - but most of them are ineffective. You can inbox for large accounts in the same niche for them to invite into private group
  11. DanielDP

    Where to find engagement groups?

    This tip I can search on google - you do not need to copy and paste it into this forum. If you are going to take spam action - don't do that
  12. DanielDP


    Thanks! I will try it
  13. DanielDP


    Hi, I have bought a domain with the same name as my Instagram page. I created landing page to introduce users to clickbank products - I put the affiliate link on that landing page. The problem here is when I test it by accessing Instagram (via phone and computer) -> Click on the link in bio...
  14. DanielDP

    Changing Account Niche.

    Try posting on that topic and see what the followers react.
  15. DanielDP

    [HELP] Any URL shortner works for Instagram

    The best way is to buy a domain and create a landing page. I tried a lot of shorten url service - Initially it worked fine, but after a while it died.
  16. DanielDP

    action block longer than a month

    Try disable account from desktop in 2 days and reopen it. I have tried it many times and it works.
  17. DanielDP

    Instagram Fake Follows/Ghost Follower Removal?

    I just manually removed 1.7k "trash" follower yesterday of my 18k follower account. This took me 12 hours straight. You can do it manually, I think it will take less time with 9k follower
  18. DanielDP

    [CASE STUDY] Hashtags Power for Huge Instagram Reach ✅

    Is this all your natural engagement? Do you use tips or tricks to increase the amount of engagement (like and comment) when you start posting?
  19. DanielDP

    Action Block Flow

    Don't act like a bot - If you like too fast => you are bot. If you comment too fast => you are bot. If you unfollow too fast => you are bot, etc. Slow things down, if you use tool - Set a reasonable time period.
  20. DanielDP

    Where can I Buy Saves?

    Why do you need to buy save? Focus on content and everyone will auto save your post. Don't waste money on useless things.
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