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  1. kali21x

    Dont buy from justanotherpanel Again !!

    TBH all panels are pretty shit.
  2. kali21x

    Digital Marketing Agency /$1k per month

    Funny thread about suits and swords. Following lul. Also I started an agency this year too.
  3. kali21x

    [FREE] Leads with Email + Phone on many networks to Grow or Target

    Hey op thanks in advance! Toronto + business owners Toronto + company size 10-50 All linkedin Thanks,
  4. kali21x

    NORD VPN Account Giveaway

    Sent pm op
  5. kali21x

    SOCIAL SIGNALS ★ $3 ★ Unlimited URLs ★ Drip Feed ★ CUSTOM Orders ★ 40,000+ Orders Done ★

    My review: Op delivered on what he promised and was very generous in providing social signals. Literally will save you hours of work if you manually post. Thank you for your excellent service! A break down of my links: Facebook 15 Pinterest 5 Reddit 2 Mix 4 LinkedIn 9 Good job OP!
  6. kali21x

    SOCIAL SIGNALS ★ $3 ★ Unlimited URLs ★ Drip Feed ★ CUSTOM Orders ★ 40,000+ Orders Done ★

    Order ID 194274 I got the credits quickly. Just placed my order. Everything is good to me :)
  7. kali21x


    This is such a hack! Thanks dude
  8. kali21x

    Get high quality reddit backlinks

    Thanks man!
  9. kali21x


    Spam with them lol... use this technique here:
  10. kali21x

    Free stock images

    Let me know if you guys need any images from I will download and send to you guys :)
  11. kali21x

    █ ❌ Microsoft Products Store❤️ Windows 10-11 Pro ✅ Office 365-2019-2021✅ Cheap Online Genuine Activation Keys⚡

    Just paid. Waiting on op transaction id: 2L4555513H232184E
  12. kali21x

    TikTok algorithm for sharing videos and virality

    I had the same thing happen. I uploaded a video from my IG account to tiktok and literally 0 views -__-
  13. kali21x


    I am interested. Let me know if you still need writers. :)
  14. kali21x

    Woocommerce page 1 / page 2 / page 3... Argh :)

    I have the same issue. I was thinking about blocking crawls to these pages but not 100% sure yet
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