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  1. b_money

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    Would like to see samples please and also discount. Thank you
  2. b_money

    Are 'Exit Intent Pop Native Ads' A Good Time Investment?

    On average I get about 100 clicks a day. Impressions, I want to say 1000...
  3. b_money

    A month in Media Buyer, loving this career so far

    I somehow got in with a couple other guys in a media buying agency. I love everything about it. Profession wise, I was never really good at many things. I studied engineering, went on to work at a few different companies, some I've been fired, laid off, or just was not interesting me. In the...
  4. b_money

    Are 'Exit Intent Pop Native Ads' A Good Time Investment?

    Hi, I'm new to media buying and I'm trying to figure out what channel to work through - I some how got interested in native ads and more specifically into 'Exit Intent Pop ads'. In the beginning I heard about Facebook , Native, Banners, Push, all kinds of channels. I wanted to dial in on one...
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