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  1. J

    Youtube comments

    e un diocancaro no?
  2. J

    Books about social skill, psychology, persuasion and so on

    I found out that I really like this stuff, and I want to read more. Just so that you understand what I am talking about, here's what I read so far: How to make friends and influence people Influence - Science and Practice (planned to read) Social Engineering - The art of Human Hacking that book...
  3. J

    YouTube Subscribers

    AddMeFast, Like4Like, and whatever are right now totally USELESS for adding subs. Your number will grow, sure, but all those fake subs will be removed. All of them. every single one. YouTube knows it
  4. J

    have you heard of this site

    I've been using it for about two weeks. Here's what I've got so far: 1. You can get almost 10 subs a day (up to 20 if you can use the referral link) 2. The subs stick, but not all of them. I'd say that 3 or 4 out of 10 unsubscribe, despite the ban warning. 3. the other guys should stick, I got...
  5. J

    Social Media Panel - YouTube Views 0.50/k, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Soundcloud | API |

    If subs are down, I would like to try the 1k views, thanks!
  6. J

    Social Media Panel - YouTube Views 0.50/k, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Soundcloud | API |

    do you still offer the youtube subs for testing/selling?
  7. J

    Addmefast "LIKE" problem

    I wouldn't worry too much, most likely they will be removed by youtube in a few days
  8. J

    AddMeFast not working? 277 gained 278 lost?!?!

    AMF is now useless for subs
  9. J

    AMF - A question

    Thank you for your clarification, I am afraid you're right after all. Let's hope someone can find a solution
  10. J

    AMF - A question

    every single one is fake? I too use another account to get points, but mine is real and active, so my subs/like/etc stick.
  11. J

    AMF - A question

    In the meantime, I lost 100% of AMF subs. I accept losing some, even 50%, but 100% is a waste of time. AMF need to fix this
  12. J

    AMF - A question

    I do not seek engagement, obviously! I just want to increase the raw number of subs so that real users are more keen to subscribe Thanks, sounds cool, do I have to use my main account to get subs? I have my main channel and another to browse youtube, can I use my second to get subs for the main?
  13. J

    AMF - A question

    I certainly hope so! I don't want to get banned! I am stayin under the radar for now and won't add fake subs. The strange thing is that almost everyone unsubscribed! This is unlikely
  14. J

    YouTube sub4sub, still a viable option?

    Well I have like 70 subs, having some more, even fake, can't hurt, right? I mean, who wants to subscribe to a little channel like that? having just 300 made some more real people join, but now I don't want to be in a rollercoaster where I get to 300, then 150, then 350, then 100 and so on...
  15. J

    YouTube sub4sub, still a viable option?

    What do you guys think about YouTube subscribers gained from sites like amf, ylh, l4l, and so on? My experience is that they get instantly removed (I see on analytics stuff like 50 subs added, 50 lost on the same day), but somehow I still managed to get like +100% subscribers from my original...
  16. J

    AMF - A question

    I started an AMF account for my little channel, nothing fancy. In about a week I got like 300 subs. Today, almost 50% of them were eliminated, and I got from 400 to 150. In my analytics data I see that subs gained and subs lost are basically the same every day I used AMF (like, the stats were...
  17. J

    StormViewsBuy NON DROP High Retention YouTube Views - 80% - 100% ADSENSE SAFE

    can it be split to more videos? like 10? Do I risk a ban?
  18. J

    StormViewsBuy NON DROP High Retention YouTube Views - 80% - 100% ADSENSE SAFE

    do you do less than 5k views? I have a little channel, it will be veeeeery suspicious if over night I get like 100% more views
  19. J

    How Should I Name my channel?

    I was wondering this. Currently, I am simply using my name. Is this a good choice? I was thinking that by commenting on other video, nobody would think that I have a channel of my own. Suggestions from you expert users?
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