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  1. Asterixpro

    Japanese Content writers

    hi there, I'm looking for japanese content writers. If they have experience with casino the better.
  2. Asterixpro

    Never Underestimate Image Backlinks

    In my experience, a mix of image links are easily justifiable and in general should be a good part of the mix.
  3. Asterixpro

    Are there still people doing Amazon affiliate blog websites?

    The problem with that would be that then they wouldn't make much money for long right? with niche sites, the trick is to build and keep your mouth shut. Probably one of Amazon's biggest affiliates should be and that the NYTimes bought...
  4. Asterixpro

    What is the best way to run a blog?

    I think the replies you've got pretty much cover it. The articles need to be expanded and be topically relevant, give people a reason to click on your article, they should answer a query (keyword research, google trends can help you with this)\ Good interlinking, creating a nice compilation...
  5. Asterixpro

    Get full index of my website

    Hi there, it all depends on your site. How big is it and how much overall authority it has. One of the mistakes people make with new sites is making them far too big without having any authority (inbound links) to their site. Hence Google not spending the crawling budget and your pages not...
  6. Asterixpro

    Regional local SEO strategy

    hey, I would just have /new-york/ instead of /new-york-city/ as that way you're making one folder stronger. Getting that one to rank for the city. As most local queries will search for their area instead of 'New York'. Also remember to optimize for "NY" and 'NYC' related searches.
  7. Asterixpro

    If I'm change HTTP to HTTPS , Is it effect my SEO ?

    Hey there, you can request a recrawl from GSC. If you implement it correctly and avoid some of the headaches a screw up will cause: Here are a couple guides that should help you.
  8. Asterixpro

    how to watch website traffic

    Google Analytics, Clicky,, there are several great alternatives!
  9. Asterixpro

    How to find well-hidden PBNs

    Without knowing how large a competitor's PBN is you run into the problem of being vastly unprepared to tackle a ranking battle for niches. Why wouldn't you want to find a better way to do competitive analysis? Anybody with an interesting method?
  10. Asterixpro

    How to find well-hidden PBNs

    Hi guys, Now that Google pretty much removed the link: operator and the standard brute force approach to discover PBNs is gone. What are your efficient ways to find hidden networks that: Disallow everything but Googlebot & Bingbot through robots.txt Only host 2 sites per IP and make sure...
  11. Asterixpro

    Thank you BHW

    Choo choo, all join the money train!
  12. Asterixpro

    Does Anyone provide High Quality Authority Links here

    What language do you need?
  13. Asterixpro

    Domain Redirection without Penalty

    Hi Shafi, In this case, what you could do is, create a fresh disavow file with all the shit links that you have on, then register on Webmaster tools and upload this disavow file to it. Migrate your content on and put canonical tags on to all your posts...
  14. Asterixpro

    html5 or wodpress

    static sites and dynamic CMS sites have both their uses. It all depends in exactly what you need. for PBN sites I'm a fan of static html sites. For money sites, the flexibility of a CMS (Wordpress or whatever) is undeniable.
  15. Asterixpro

    What is ideal Keyword density

    It has plenty to do with language, niche, keyword etc. I've seen niches where a much higher keyword density is needed. Look at what's ranking and that should give you an idea of optimum density for your niche.
  16. Asterixpro

    Importance of interlinking

    This is a great way for you to get anchor text relevancy. It also strengthens your whole domain and allows you to flow authority and PageRank to the pages you feel need it the most.
  17. Asterixpro

    google adwords, effective or waste of money?

    Google Adwords still brings most of Google's revenue. We're talking about Billions a month. It is single-handedly one of the greatest advertising platforms on the planet. Depending on your niche I wholeheartedly recommend it. Would also say that your should learn more about it before...
  18. Asterixpro

    Original Content, Good Communication, Reliable, No Outsourcing!!!

    I agree, would love to know when my content is arriving.
  19. Asterixpro

    Why is a cloacker so important?

    Cloaking means to show users and search engines a different content/structure/site. Than the one you're presenting to users. there are several advantages to cloaking. Achieving easy links (users linking to something "acceptable" but their "vote" is actually counting somewhere else.) cloaking...
  20. Asterixpro

    $5000/month website is cloaked on regular basis

    Your site is being cloaked? Your statement doesnt make sense. Is the guy hacking your site and canonicalizing/cloacking to his money page?
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