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  1. x.Ampit.x

    Need Programming Experience So We Can Make Zuckerberg $$$

    You either need to hire a freelancer here or through Also research if your ideas are already in the market to save yourself time.
  2. x.Ampit.x

    New Member - Mind=Blown

    Good luck mate.
  3. x.Ampit.x

    Facebook still a way to make money?

    Selling accounts Creating Pages, getting likes then promoting your stuff on them........... Providing Likes
  4. x.Ampit.x

    Is there a better way to manage messages on a page ?

    i guess i need to sleep then lol
  5. x.Ampit.x

    Is there a better way to manage messages on a page ?

    What platform do you use wordpress,joomla,custom ?
  6. x.Ampit.x

    Truly Genius YT Method

    Everything seems easy until you do it.
  7. x.Ampit.x

    Get Free Domain Today

    .cf .ga .ml .tk only.
  8. x.Ampit.x

    Freelancer / VA Needed

    I can do that if you are still looking for someone.................
  9. x.Ampit.x

    Phpfox expert programmer

    If you still need someone hit me up on skype = ampit.xd
  10. x.Ampit.x

    Looking for Freelance Developer

    Let me know if you need me....
  11. x.Ampit.x

    Wow Sir Patrick moore has died!

    :18: ^^
  12. x.Ampit.x

    Lets help each other out guys! $$$$$$$$$$

    LOL. :why:
  13. x.Ampit.x

    Wordpress Navigation Bar With Rollover Images And find the tutorial for css rollover navigation bar you'll get the idea. That channel is not mine.
  14. x.Ampit.x

    how much does youtube pay for views?

    I don't think country is a problem for them. What they want is quality content and quality content gets quality views :D
  15. x.Ampit.x

    Need some PHP done - NOW (Will pay)

    Added on skype. ampit.xd
  16. x.Ampit.x

    Blog Creation

    Do you want them to be manually created or through automation ?? Skype - ampit.xd
  17. x.Ampit.x

    Not Making Anything? I'll Hire You!

    skype - ampit.xd Web Designing Skills. HTML CSS PHP JQUERY WORDPRESS etc
  18. x.Ampit.x

    India spends 25% of its time online

    Yeah I know I'm an I-N-D-I-A-N :rock:
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