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    Any one here live in Texas..

    Holly Dog Dicks, I thought only Steers and queers came from Texas -LOL!!!
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    Hey all BHW friends!

    WELCOME - It's nice to have ya!!! Do you're self a favor and look @ the 'NEW POSTS' button next to the 'search' button daily, it'll give you alot to read and absorb!!!! after that post, comment, and ask questions - You'll do GREAT!!! Best, bs :D
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    What Is The Best Way To Hide My IP?Black Hat Style

    You should check out 'The TOR Project' Here's the link: Read up on it, it may be exactly what your looking for since it was created for a certain branch of the US Navy !!!
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    I CHALLENGE you to turn me into a believer that making MONEY ONLINE is possible.

    Hey matias1021, look i just finished reading all of the post hear and except for 1 or 2 of them, all the posts are bullshite, horse hockey, etc... the fact is that there are people that will teach you the basics, there are "courses" you can take that will give you the foundation that will...
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    I CHALLENGE you to turn me into a believer that making MONEY ONLINE is possible.

    :bryce: Dude!!!! Not Cool @ All!!!You smell like 'thisoldhat' as well as 'thisoldunderwear'!!! you don't kick a guy when he's down, WTF do you think BHW forum is all about?!?!?!? you should appologize, I feel the same way - constantly being @$$ raped cuz ya bought in to a BS story!!! I for...
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    Best Free FTP Software?

    FILEZILLA... period!!! end of discussion... ez to use - click & drag... sweet to use... fast transfer based on ur isp speed
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    Calling all ebay sellers for the JV of a lifetime

    ya got my attention, pm being sent i may have another idea using a similar site but don't know how to implement it, maybe i can discuss it with you
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    Emillionaire com

    if they're in almost all of your aff ntwks, do u find them good, bad, honest or dishonest???
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    Best LLC Formation Websites

    Sorry, but info is incorrect!!! If you get a Delaware L.L.C. you do NOT have to be a state resident; but you need to file for permission to do business in the state that you are a resident. i now have a couple of Delaware L.L.C.'s under my belt with permission to do business in PA, MD, & KS
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    Getting Lots of Friends on Facebook

    Hey GM101, im kinda new at all this so i don't know what to say but maybe you could help a man down on his luck. i may even be able to do a trade of some sort??? MAYBE???
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    Can i trust THIS BHW forum member?

    What do you mean by 'DIM'??? i'm looking around, seeking / lurking, whatever... came across this tread. BTW - Definitely UnCool to mention by name, 3 days ban should have been a month... imagine the damage to a persons rep that can do, not to mention the trama(right :)-) let me know anyway...
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    The "GURU'S" Suck

    Hi Y'all, my aka is buddyskip, and yes i'm and old timer that's come back to the computer age. I was around and even remember when Microsoft was a wet dream and spot on good 'ole Gates' linens!!! LOL Fillisaime, Dillard, and the likes they keep rehashin the same shite over and over and over...
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    Cant cancel my PPC classroom membership

    I did the same thing, here's what i did and i got a response the next day via email!!! I told them that i couldn't keep up with all of their fine information, it deserved more time and effort. I told them that i was completely overwhelmed, couldn't give it the time that it deserved and that i...
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    Th*eVa*ult.BZ guide to joining

    thnx man, used to be a member a year or so ago, boy they have a lot good sh!!!t there, could use a little of their stuff here, that'd b awesome.
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    I'm a nOOb, please do everything for me

    hey Nevarc, Damn man, i was around learning Basic while you still suckling!!!! but i gotta hand it to ya, ya learned and ya learned good!!! QUESTION - If there was 1 person/course that you'd recommend for an 'ole timer like me, who/what would it be??? or maybe it would be a combo of people...
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    Twitter Exploit - How to get THOUSANDS of people Following you - Trick Gurus Wont tell u

    Yo Earnest!! will this method work with network marketing, mlm opps, etc...??? cuz i've seen alot of the ntwrking mrkting gurus on tweetybird:23:(twitter) thnx!!! Great thread, sic info Man!!!
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    Stumbleupon Friends Needed- Round 3

    just added you DailyNewsFeed, please add me username = buddyskippy
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    StumbleUpon Friends Round 2

    just started, please add me!!! username = buddyskippy will add you now - thnx
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    Free StumbleUpon Friends

    just started, please add me as well username = buddyskippy
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    Demonoid is back in business

    i'm new to BHW as well i'm not sure what i could give in return, but i will check. could someone give an invite to me as well, i'm such an info junkie... I Need Help!!!
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