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  1. hireganesh

    "How I made $90 in 3 days from Torrents" -CONTINUED & UPDATED THREAD (Any questions? ASK!)

    Question is how and why they will ban when all my referrals are blank. "remotely related to porn"
  2. hireganesh

    Not your typical JV - Never any money spent...

    Just PMed you, sounds interesting as for referral part...
  3. hireganesh

    Adsense Alternative - Is this best ?

    I suggest anybody who gets ban, should buy or reapply for adsense using family or friends name. Adbrite sucks and same is with most of the ppc alternatives.
  4. hireganesh

    Poker Team Venture ( FREE to Join + Passive Income ) [Only 9 spots] !

    Count me in. ( When it comes to poker, I'm blind)
  5. hireganesh

    India are the icc cwc 2011 champions!

    it's wonderful, pretty high now so wil add comment tommorrow morining.
  6. hireganesh

    ONE SEO Software that can GET Results

    Scrapebox is the answer for atleast 75% requirement for any person starting IM.
  7. hireganesh

    Pakistan vs India - CWC 2011 2nd Semi - BLOCK BUSTER

    Hats off to afridi, for the way he responded in the presentation. The way he took this defeat with the smiling face reveals the matured sportsmanship with him. Afridi showed he is a real high spirited sportsman. Anybody remember how shoaib malik responded to their 2007 final loss in first...
  8. hireganesh

    Pakistan vs India - CWC 2011 2nd Semi - BLOCK BUSTER

    So many smiley's, seems you are thrilled with the thought of two nations playiing semi's.
  9. hireganesh

    SERIOUSLY How in the heck are these guys making this kind of money from file uploads???

    Why are you people thinking that those earning stats are of uploaders. These stats are definetly of forum owners who get share from each premium account sold. 5% is the share for each premium account sold to user who came from that forum. I tried hotfiles but maximum i touched on a single day...
  10. hireganesh

    [WOW-7$ Product]Video Spin Blaster - Mass Video Creator/Spinner - Special Offer!

    Nice piece to make work easy. It's not loading pictures from url. Anybody else facing same problem ?
  11. hireganesh

    How to verify the article that you written is unique?

    Here are few for checking your content online. Infact there is a whole list of these sites.. CopyCatch: TurnItIn: MyDropBox: Eve...
  12. hireganesh

    Need you to create blog accounts

    I got some 60 blogspot blogs with some 50 posts on each of them. All with spun but unique content. PM me your exact requirements.
  13. hireganesh

    Adsense From $0 to a few $100 a month JV Partnership

    Received your message. Looks interesting, all set to launch. Just message me back with next requirements (payment etc) or contact (id provided in latest PM) ( u seem to be offline now)
  14. hireganesh

    Adsense From $0 to a few $100 a month JV Partnership

    Interested, Just sent you a PM. Hope to hear soon from you. Can you please provide little details with your message.
  15. hireganesh

    CountStacula scammed me. and very cool story inside

    Why cant people produce proof when they are innocent. He had all worlds time to write all bullshit but to post some real screenshots to prove whether he was innocent. It's simple that may be he didn't charge back but he doesn't want to pay him if money is refunded to him.
  16. hireganesh

    The Best Spinner -- Is it dying?

    TBS is like a pain in as*. I'm also fed up of it now. Crashing like hell.
  17. hireganesh

    I to become SEO Consultant

    Well, if you have knowledge then you are the boss. If you don't have prior work to show, setup a meeting. Impress him with your knowledge. Provide him with details of your work and how it is really beneficial for him to hire your company. Didn't got you on this one. It entirely depends on...
  18. hireganesh

    Make our own craigslist!

    You seem to be full of ideas. well, the only problem is this idea is few people have feeling of supremacy and that will kill whole partnership. I have noticed nearly 50% of BHW members are ready to fight on small issues. They never want to accept if they are at fault. You may need real cool ones...
  19. hireganesh

    Worst/best weekend EVER - my dad died twice and now he is back to life

    I wasn't as lucky. Dad left me two years back but we still find him sitting with us always. We always make an extra cup of tea daily for him. After he passed away, now I know value of him. I'm really missing him. God bless you and your family.
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