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  1. bizo

    Edge / Chrome Extension Monetization

    Hey Mate, is this still relevant? we have quite a few extensions and this could be super interesting
  2. bizo

    How to monetize my website with whitehat ads? (and without Adsense)

    hey, most network ("full service" ones) will not work with this vol of traffic since the potential for uplift is limited, do you have Adsense in place? this could give you a general (even if far from accurate) idea, you can also try out Ezoic. Ithe other cpm networks would look at a min of 100k...
  3. bizo

    ▶️ Fully Autopilot READY TO EARN - Make Money with YOUTUBE TO .MP3 / .MP4 Video Websites + Multiple NICHES [Passive Income] ✅

    Can I get a couple of samples? do you also make PDF/doc converters sites? what a bout getting users to the site, do you guide your clients on that as well?
  4. bizo

    How to monetize my website with whitehat ads? (and without Adsense)

    Hi OP LMK is you still need a hand with that, I can hook you up with a couple of netorks that works with the top ww site (super whitehat)
  5. bizo

    Monetizing a Windows application

    Hey Artmx, I might have the solution for you (depends on the app) how many monthly users do you have?
  6. bizo

    Here’s the Perfect Solution if You Want to Make Money With Lead Generation and Rank and Rent

    please share samples, also, I'd be interested in hearing more about the full service pack thanks
  7. bizo

    ██████GUARANTEED TRAFFIC ███████ Autoblogging Sites [Adsense + Amazon + Clickbank] ⏩ Monthly Articles Auto Updated ⏩ 50% OFF LIMITED SLOTS

    can you please share samples, proof of income and traffic. as for the 10 sites already running, how long have they been active?
  8. bizo

    Looking for "Bet 365" offers - do you know were I can find them?

    been looking for a while but seems harder than ever to get these running
  9. bizo

    Made $100 in March using Brave browser

    interesting - in the "ad world" I know, the publisher also supposed to get a chunk of the revenue....(BTW commenting from a Brave browser)
  10. bizo

    Made $100 in March using Brave browser

    not sure I understand their business model - do they run any mining in the background or only make $ from ads?
  11. bizo


    Received the sample looks impressive, will probably order some more
  12. bizo

    Cheap MicroTasking Website for Anything You Want! Likes, Comments, Shares, Views, Upvotes, Follows, Subscribers and more!

    thanks for the offer - looks interesting! user id 219522951
  13. bizo

    Twitter Follow Search Tool

    I don't know any tool with these features exactly, you can try "Superpowers for twitter" but use other thresholds like following VS followers ratio, profile picture, bio etc
  14. bizo

    (JV) Looking for potential partners to start an agency.

    OP Do you think an SEO agency is still an interesting opportunity to make serious $$ ? I think there are better ways-higher scale less effort to grow faster with your background,
  15. bizo

    My 3M+ Twitter follower account + your method

    I have a good way of making some nice revenue here (as long as we're talking about active users) I will need to understand your audience to find the best fit but you should be able to make extra $$
  16. bizo

    Looking for premium digital marketers to sell leads with

    sounds interesting & positive - more details plz,( I've headed a few large scale online companies)
  17. bizo

    Your Ideas + My 10yrs experience with IM, Automation development + more

    I have a few ideas, but good to hear about your son, hope he'll keep getting better. that's what really matters man! .... the rest is just noise
  18. bizo

    My website and service+ customer support/ your traffic and ideas to improve

    what's the current status of your site? how old is it ? volume & geos ? do you monetize it already ?
  19. bizo

    [TWITTER] how to monetize 1K visits a day

    Have you tried search feed monetization ?
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