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  1. MistressNova

    What's your opinion about starting online dating service ?

    One thing to remember about mobile is that certain niches are't allowed on google play. You have to circumvent that. Look at Sudy for instance. Another thing is that native apps cost a lot, even if it's an android studio template. Hybrid app is better. You make a site, and then cordova it into...
  2. MistressNova

    Promoting VR game on Oculus store?

    Could you get involved with some kind of PPI program and pay a few cents for installs? *edit I would also email the admin team and see if they can help you out. it is their platform after all. Maybe they can list you in action. Do you have dev forums to post to?
  3. MistressNova

    Adult PPV in Adult Themed HTML5 browsers games. Possible?

    Is it possible? Does anyone have experience with Adult PPV with a decent company? I'm developing adult themed html5 browser games (which are going to be great for .mobi sites due to google plays bs rules). I see a lot of adult game sites have PPC ith semi-adult themed browser games and pay per...
  4. MistressNova

    Anyone knows how can I monetize my videos on Facebook?

    Watermark your videos and make sure to cover links when posting? Making them funny and shareable is key. They don't even have to be funny, they can be informative. Hell that info doesn't even need to be true for people to share it in hopes it will make them appear more intelligent,. Just my...
  5. MistressNova

    I can post? Seriously? Rad...

    Thank you! I've been a lurker for years honestly. I made my first leaps into BH and cookies using some threads I found here. I don't use BH tactics as much anymore but when I started out, it kept me fed with a roof over my head. Hope I can repay the favor.
  6. MistressNova


    As a fem model, I'll tell you, it's not worth it and it's better to play your web dev cards right in the revshare game. I mean unless you want to stuff yourself all day and develop a Pavlovian response to little bells ringing. Pro tip: since those girls don't make a whole lot, it might be...
  7. MistressNova


    Is chaturbate now the highest paying aff in the adult industry? I used to be a model there a few years back and still have my account. Should I be somehow jumping on this? I've been seeing CB posts everywhere latley and haven't heard a peep about sm or any other sites like mfc.
  8. MistressNova

    Bulk image screening analysis with amazon rekognition

    Wow this is so incredibly clever! I just ran into this the other day on the amazon app. I didn't know it existed. I was like a kid with a new toy.
  9. MistressNova

    Do you buy video content? If so, where?

    Adult or otherwise. I'm mostly speaking of editable raw files. I'm having a hard time finding outlets for content sales. I'm looking for adult and non-adult marketplaces. List them here :)
  10. MistressNova

    East way to make video going top to bottom?

    Can't you do this in photoshop using timeline and offset filter? Windows movie maker might even have a function like that. If you aren't sure, take some basic video editing tutorials in the software you are using. That's a basic technique used for things like credits so you should run into it...
  11. MistressNova

    way to remove watermark

    If it's dead center, you can't remove it because it on the video layer if I'm not mistaken. Best bet is to cover.
  12. MistressNova

    How to use copyright Photos for YouTube Image slide videos ?

    I may be wrong but if you DO use someone else's material, it may be best to alter 50% to keep yourself out of any trouble. But you should try to stick with public domain images. Just do a simple search.
  13. MistressNova

    I can post? Seriously? Rad...

    Hey hey forum. I've been up and down the block trying to sign up for adult webmaster forums with zero luck. It dawned on me that I might be able to get some pointers here... so here I am. I'm developing interactive adult content (html5) . I focus on adult themed browser and android games. I...
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