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    Isolat8 - Privacy focused Browser Profile Manager - Unlimited Social Media Accounts On A Single Computer.

    Wow, such an amazing deal and good software! Great work! Is it possible to import and export from Chrome without losing cookies(session)? If not, make that feature. also create a feature to import or export cookies, it would be awesome those were my 2 cents, the program meets my need so far...
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    I was banned from BrightData(Luminati)

    @C4rnage569 I guessed you haven't advertised on Facebook recently(last 1-2 years). if you were advertising(WH or BH, whatever, even advertitsing cat faces on FB), you wouldn't be talking this nosense! and now you removed the word "impersonating" from you texts, well, you know why! We know...
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    I was banned from BrightData(Luminati)

    lol, your car dealership situation doesn't relate!! nor it makes sense!! why do you say there's no such thing as an empty facebook/tinder account? would you send a message to someone with 0 friends, no timeline, no profile picture? the only thing required to open a facebook account, and it's...
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    I was banned from BrightData(Luminati)

    buying an empty facebook account to run ads is unethical? I am not impersonating anyone
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    I was banned from BrightData(Luminati)

    I was banned from BrightData(Luminati) and the fun part is that it was because of the fact that "I buy facebook profiles" lol I was very transparent to them and I said I buy profiles to advertise on facebook(I was activating the residential proxies), and that was simply the reason the rep banned...
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    Aged FB BM without limit - is it even possible anymore?

    How much are you spending a day, so they give you 1% of ad spend? very cheap
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    you take very much time to approve order, I ordered 1 hour ago still order is "pending"
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    How can a blank(no usage) BM violate any FB policy?

    Hey there! One real profile with multiple BMs, one of them was flagged and shutdown, the weird thing is the BM hadn't ever advertised. and even after I appealed, they rejected the appeal. so, my question is how can a blank(no usage) BM violate any FB policy? if you guys have any experience...
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    "Account near restriction" message in Business Manager - First Time I see it.

    That’s because you have rejected ads in the account, appeal those rejected ads.
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