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  1. bigkapp

    Linux Distro

    If your unsure if you can run a software on Wine/Crossover you can always check using their compatibility checker. Compatibility checker
  2. bigkapp

    Well boys, there's no easy way to say this

    Just curious but how much do you charge for a lap dance? Enjoy your new job ste hopefully you'll be back sooner then later. . . .
  3. bigkapp

    Spinner Chief is trying to rip me off

    Thanks WizGizmo , I'm sending them a message now.
  4. bigkapp

    Spinner Chief is trying to rip me off

    I've already tried that. The problem isn't on my end it's on their's. I have "ALL" the information I used to purchase Spinner Chief, CC number, Transaction ID, Date even time. Their just claiming they can't find it.
  5. bigkapp

    Spinner Chief is trying to rip me off

    I purchased Spinner Chief about 2 years ago , never really used it that much only on special occasions when I needed content really fast. I tried starting it up a few weeks back and got this error message " Serial number invalid or expired. I then wrote to the support team and they pretty much...
  6. bigkapp

    New Reddit ^UPVOTE Skype Group!

    I'd also like to join e.j.saint
  7. bigkapp

    In Order to FIX a Google Penalty, You Have to FIRST Know WHAT You Got Hit With!

    Really enjoyed the post t0mmy, especially the Google algorithm change history.
  8. bigkapp

    Tools to automate this?

    Scrapebox has a add-on that dose this. Also look into the automation plugin too scrape each URL individually.
  9. bigkapp

    How long do police/law enforcement keep records of an open file ?

    Unfortunately that information is ketp indefinitely. But after 5-10 years they can't use it against you. ( All though in most cases they do)
  10. bigkapp

    Making Money Online: It All Starts With YOU. (Not Methods. Not Google. YOU.)

    Grate post Tommy. I've had to learn those mistakes the hard way. Wish I would have read this post when I first started.
  11. bigkapp

    My Journey From 0 to 30 Seo Clients in 60 days

    Good luck Seogator, Will be following your journey.
  12. bigkapp

    Which OS is best for black hat activity ?

    The reason most people use Windows server 2008 enterprise or stranded is because it's a OS built for "SERVERS" . Meaning it's built for computers to stay on 24/7. Which is perfect for tools like Scapebox , Xrumer and Hrefer ect. ect. , that depends on tasks that needs to be ran for long periods...
  13. bigkapp

    Starting an Instagram Skype group!

    I'm also interested. Just sent you a PM
  14. bigkapp

    SEO Client Admin Panel Developer

    I'm not sure if this has all of the functions you need but it looks pretty concrete.
  15. bigkapp

    Wordpress vs Joomla

    I agree with Davidnrogb and climertech. They all are grate platforms, just go with the one your most familiar with.
  16. bigkapp

    How does GSA SER work with target links?

    As long as GSA is open it should be searching for verified sites to post too. Try going into your options tab and increasing the "Pause the project after" field.
  17. bigkapp

    Software that you use every day?

    Don't have a dedicated server right now but I pretty much find myself using these tools every day. Scrapebox Hrefer Keyword Researcher Proxyfire
  18. bigkapp

    Turning a "No thanks, Leave me alone!" Into a "YES Please, Where do I sign up!?"

    It always feels good helping people. Especially a friend that can actually benefit from it. That was a really nice gesture Tommy, and I really enjoyed the read. Thanks.
  19. bigkapp

    What is the best Method to generate monthly income?

    I agree with TayaX, learn as much as you can and take action when you have a basic idea of the method your trying to implement. Remember the easiest way to make money is to create a product or service. "There's no shortcuts"
  20. bigkapp

    Your Dream Car ?

    Seen a all black one today. These things are clean. . . .
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