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  1. Batmantheone

    adult theme?

    Yes, a lot of people use that wordpress theme. Buy it directly via They have a lot of plugins also (videos grabbers, etc...) Edit : wp-script is the editor of this theme and site is 100% safe.
  2. Batmantheone

    Reddit bot, please, help me.

    If you know Python you can use Praw library like this : import psycopg2 import praw import time import random def random_post(records_data): rand_post = random.choice(records_data) return rand_post def get_record(): conn = psycopg2.connect("dbname='xxx' user='xxx' host='xxx'...
  3. Batmantheone

    Google releasing a large update today

    If i read this topic, since may 4, every day google launched a new update... :D
  4. Batmantheone

    Website monetization

    Thanks for your reply. I will message you. Anyone have any other advice for me?
  5. Batmantheone

    Website monetization

    Hi guys, I have a pornstar list type website with a little traffic and am trying to monetize it but it's a fail ! I've tried Stripchat, Brazzers, Lovense, and Fleshlight and nothing helps. With Lovense (my current offer) I have 15 clicks for 2045 users and no conversions. I don't have any popup...
  6. Batmantheone

    reddit expets how to find abadoned subreddit?

    Why request an abandoned subreddit when you can spam it ?
  7. Batmantheone

    reddit expets how to find abadoned subreddit?

    I've build this one to find abandoned NSFW Reddits. It's in python. If it can helps someone... import praw from datetime import datetime import time import scrapy from scrapy.crawler import CrawlerProcess from scrapy.utils.project import get_project_settings class praw_robot(): def...
  8. Batmantheone

    How to scrape Google SERP 100 results /page ?

    In python you can try something like that : from googleapiclient.discovery import build my_api_key = "Your API Key” my_cse_id = "Your CSE ID" def google_search(search_term, api_key, cse_id, **kwargs): service = build("customsearch", "v1", developerKey=api_key) res =...
  9. Batmantheone

    Huge rise and drop position in google

    Hi guys. Every day I receive the SEMRUSH position tracking report. Every day I can see huge rise and fall results. For example today -98 on a keyword, -88 on a second, -33 on another. Sometimes its the opposite +70 or something... Yesterday one of my keywords was on top 3, today 100+...
  10. Batmantheone

    Why my bot goes offline?

    If you run a linux server and use ssh tins normal. Script stops when you cut the connection. You need to run your script in a tmux session.
  11. Batmantheone

    Movie Streaming: Scraping Movies

    Use Python. First open developer tools and look into the source code of your targeted websites, search for .mp4 direct link. If you find it, it's simple, with the requests library you can download the .mp4 directly. If not you should use selenium library.
  12. Batmantheone

    Which car could you buy for $15-20k?

    C4 SpaceTourer for sure ! hahahahaha
  13. Batmantheone

    Facing Trademark Lawsuit

    Monetizing an illegal website, this is the real challenge...
  14. Batmantheone update

    Popups... Ugly popups...
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