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  1. cantfindit

    Offshore Hosting & Domain Name Question

    Yeah that makes sense, but that would reveal the identity of the owner that registered it at godaddy which was me 2 yrs ago. But now what if that .com domain gets transferred to the new anonymous namecheap account also with whois privacy. When they try to find out the identity of the new owner...
  2. cantfindit

    Offshore Hosting & Domain Name Question

    Hi, im not sure if i should be starting my own thread or just joining this one as i am in a very similar situation. I have already registered a .com domain at godaddy a couple of years ago with whois privacy and paid for it using my credit card and real name and address. But now i want to...
  3. cantfindit

    Your Idea/skills with my Money/experience

    Hey Luco, im interested but i cant PM you, maybe you can try PM me?
  4. cantfindit

    [Method] simple way to get targeted traffic

    Thanks VirtualNomad, great thinking :cool:
  5. cantfindit

    Ask me anything about adult tube sites

    Hi Luco thanks for doing this AMA. Im trying to find SEO tools like Moz, Ahrefs etc to do KW research for Adult. Can you recommend some that are usable for Adult SEO please :)
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