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  1. LuckyCharm007

    [GIVEAWAY] FREE Ahrefs Report - Site Explorer / Keyword Explorer

    Are you still offering this? I'll PM you.
  2. LuckyCharm007

    [NFT PROFILES] Twitter Followers, Likes, Retweets & Comments | ENGAGEMENT FOR NFT PROJECTS

    Looks like a nice service but a bit overpriced. At this price, do you 100% guarantee no drop-off?
  3. LuckyCharm007

    ENS the next .com?

    Thank you! I've been adding a few more lately - especially last names (known last name from my local area) and 6-7 digits palindrome. I'm hoping to be able to grab a 4 digits at some point soon as well.
  4. LuckyCharm007

    ENS the next .com?

    Yeah, I’m mostly buying commonly used one word dictionary. So, they include: - Cooldown.eth - Nutritions.eth - Drawback.eth - Excuses.eth - Cognacs.eth - Insist.eth - Odinson.eth (big marvel fan)
  5. LuckyCharm007

    ENS the next .com?

    Yesterday, someone let a $1 000 000 bid on Amazon.eth expire. 000.eth sold for 300 eth, Nike.eth sold for 60 eth etc..
  6. LuckyCharm007

    ENS the next .com?

    At this point you may be just that lmao
  7. LuckyCharm007

    ENS the next .com?

    Been quietly acquiring some good one word .eth domains lately. The ENS protocol looks (at least to me) to be the next big thing: - Online identity (similar to current gaming tags) - Easily receive payments (kinda like a Venmo username) - sub-domains scalability and more! what are you guys...
  8. LuckyCharm007

    What Crypto's are going to the moon in 2022

    I dunno about coins that will make 1000%+ as I try to stay away from pure gamble/rug pulling coins. One thing I’m most certainly positive on is Eth is going to overtake BTC within a year of eth 2.0 release. POS is a much cheaper/greener technology than POW. The fact that it will also be able...
  9. LuckyCharm007

    For every million COVID cases

    Neither do I. It’s all true.
  10. LuckyCharm007

    For every million COVID cases

    Yet it is 6x more likely for young and healthy people to occur after getting covid than through the vaccine. As a scientist yourself (as you stated) you should know better.
  11. LuckyCharm007

    For every million COVID cases

    In my town a guy got covid without the taking the vaccine, developed a fever the next day, fell unconscious and died. All anti vaxxers said he died because he had other health conditions. His wife said it's not true, he was healthy and had no conditions at all. The same happened with a young...
  12. LuckyCharm007

    [JV] My Hot Fitness/Weight Loss Subscription based service + Your converting traffic

    Hello Everyone, I launched last year with a couple of business partner a Fitness app (iOS + Android) and we've been very successful so far bringing in organic traffic from our own social media platforms. We are ready to take the next step and would like to JV with at least one (ideally more)...
  13. LuckyCharm007

    Do you know any affiliate programs that pays in crypto?

    If you can get high quality/converting traffic in the fitness & weight loss niche, PM me. We have a subscription-based Fitness app and can rev-share and pay via crypto (fast)
  14. LuckyCharm007

    [JV] your product/your service, my marketing services

    Any interest in the Fitness niche? iOS/Android app - workout programs + challenges (already doing 10k + a month)
  15. LuckyCharm007

    Pfizer will probably give a 3rd dose of the vaccine

    It worked great during the pest and Spanish flu
  16. LuckyCharm007

    BBC presenter's death due to complications from COVID vaccine

    That’s 14min of my life I will never get back. What a waste of time.
  17. LuckyCharm007

    BBC presenter's death due to complications from COVID vaccine

    To be fair, a very high portion of fat people are being shamed almost every day. Also, if you don’t understand the irony of singling out one case out of almost 200M as being the norm when literally thousands are dying from Covid every day, you’ve got issues my friend
  18. LuckyCharm007

    BBC presenter's death due to complications from COVID vaccine

    Here’s 5x more deaths from healthy people within a single county in the United-States in a 7 days span: Does the virus really outweight the vaccine?
  19. LuckyCharm007

    There will be covid cages for sick

    Lmao the mRNA vaccine doesn’t alter your DNA. It’s totally destroyed by your immune system within 2 weeks. However, viruses like Covid does inject their DNA into your cells, making it a nice cocktail of human/viruses DNA. If you’re really that afraid of having your DNA changed, let me suggest...
  20. LuckyCharm007

    I took the poison

    Spent my entire savings on a big B nurse to wash my undesired areas. At this point, a pen is a luxury I can’t afford
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