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  1. MarcoKayzimir

    TikTok and Memu

    Hi, I am interested. Can anyone make a video demonstration of the autouploader, please?
  2. MarcoKayzimir

    [AMA] Ask me anything about running a successful BHW Marketplace Thread

    Hi, is it possible and is it worth to join Marketplace with third-party services (like affiliate program)?
  3. MarcoKayzimir

    How I Can Earn From Blogging in 2024

    Try to register an Adsence account and get approved.
  4. MarcoKayzimir

    What happened with all these PBNs sold here after the last update?

    It depends, some PBNs are pretty healthy now.
  5. MarcoKayzimir

    Google March 2024 Core Update Released: bigger than before!

    Nobody knows at the moment
  6. MarcoKayzimir

    I have a huge video archive, how can I monetize it?

    Start a JV thread here, on BHW
  7. MarcoKayzimir

    Fooocus Colab 504 error

    It looks like it was an error on the side of You can't affect it. Just wait for several hours, it will be working again soon.
  8. MarcoKayzimir


    Welcome to BHW Joel!
  9. MarcoKayzimir

    AI passes the humor test

    Wow, that means AI is a he, not a she. Look, AI thinks like a male.
  10. MarcoKayzimir

    Uploading 55 blogs right away? or Drip Feed Over 3 months?

    For new blog - 1 article a day. For 10 years blog - 100..500 articles a day.
  11. MarcoKayzimir

    Do you use one google account or many google accounts when using black/gray hat SEO techniques?

    If you own a PBN, it's risky to use one Google account for Console and Analytics.
  12. MarcoKayzimir

    Chat GPT 4 Usage

    It depends on what is your purpose. For example, it's useless for autoblogging.
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