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    Those auto likes comment IG tools still work?

    Actually, we were taught 12 rules. How are they 10?
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    iPhone Phone Farm

    I'm just curious about one thing in all your reverse engineering journey and I have been finding the answer to this question since few months or more. How do you reverse engineer the enc_password field for IG? I mean where can I learn to reverse engineer stuff like that?
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    Those auto likes comment IG tools still work?

    But is IPhone better than android when it comes to automation and reverse engineering the apps? If yes, the how?
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    Those auto likes comment IG tools still work?

    Why an Iphone and not android? Why people are preferring Iphone instead of android? I don't have experience with android even but just curious why?
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    Where do proxy resellers get their cheap proxies

    Where to start if we wanna build our own network? Any guides or more info on that?
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    Which iphone to buy for us targeting?

    $70? From where exactly? I would like to buy one if it's that price.
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    We’ve added a temporary label to your account [New restriction]

    Was thinking exactly this. I think it's now easy to know if the account is still usable or you should drop away or may be request a review?
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    My replies are not showing up in comments

    Are you using a bot to comment or commenting manually on these big accounts posts?
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    Help with discovering a private API

    @palanore1 I haven't tried that but I think there are services which can solve cloud flare and provide you cf token or cookies that you can send in your request and may be it will work. I haven't tried this though but you can give it a try.
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    Help with discovering a private API

    It was a client project and I had to give on API and used just a browser automation and it was enough for me in that case since I needed only some data. Good luck with your research and let me know if you find something interesting!
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    Instagram - My return to botting

    Hey, hope you're doing good. Are you using browser based automation or API based? If it's API based then is it app API or web API?
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    Help with discovering a private API

    Had the same problem and same situation and I gave up on the site an year ago but don't give up. When I was doing this all I figured out before giving up is you need to use clohdflare cookies which aren't used before. Like the cookies being used in browser won't work in python or js or any...
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    Reverse Engineering the enc_password of Instagram API

    Let's suppose, I'm creating a simple app to log in to Instagram/Facebook using the Python requests module. I know there is a working code available on the internet to do that but the thing is I want to understand how the guys have reverse-engineered the enc_password (encrypted version of the...
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    Solving FunCaptcha using a request

    Yes I have my own Twitter accounts unlocker that's using 2captcha to solve funCaptcha and unkocks the accounts fine even with multiple threads. Have a look on 2captcha docs and you will know.
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    Poll - FunCaptcha

    I think I'll start a separate thread for that to discuss amd will put an example code there as well. Thanks for your response.
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    How to Make KILLER Bots for Fun And Profit

    And by mobile bots you mean the bots using mobile apps reverse engineered APIs or something else?
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    Poll - FunCaptcha

    Well, I think may be I didn't make myself clear enough so let me try again. Alll I want is to know how does they create these encrypted value (e.g. enc_password for Instagram) so I can create that myself and write bots. I have seen libraries doing that like Instagrapi for Instagram is creating...
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    Evading Selenium Detection: The Ultimate Guide

    Does that works on a Linux server minimized? Also, which programming language do you use to write code in?
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    Evading Selenium Detection: The Ultimate Guide

    No doubt the best ever guide I read on browser automation for botting. Would love to see more guides from you! Thanks a lot for compiling all these useful resources and information together.
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    Poll - FunCaptcha

    It's a bit out of topic though but nay be you can show me a way. I also do reverse engineering on the web APIs and sometimes the android apps as well but recently I came across a few apps like Instagram for example which are using a few encrypted values in their requests like Instagram uses...
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