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  1. pastilan

    Where to buy SSL for the cheapest price possible?

    It is free. In your hosting, it is usually free, look for it in the cPanel. You can also get free ssl from ZeroSSL, just google it.
  2. pastilan

    Anyone knows how to index parasite? I'll gladly pay

    You are talking about a totally different ballgame than what the OP is trying to say. The OP is not talking about using parasites as buffer, the OP wants to know how to dominate the serp in the niches he mentioned using the instant indexing method because that's the method that works in those...
  3. pastilan

    Anyone knows how to index parasite? I'll gladly pay

    You do not understand what the OP means. This is not about link wheels. This is not about GSA. You don't need that. What you need is instant indexing. If you can do that, you will beat those poor people who use GSA. If you can index parasites within minutes after posting them, you will rank...
  4. pastilan

    Does Reddit SEO Still Work?

    I do not know the answer to that, it looks random, I have a 2-year-old subreddit but it's still unverified, but I also have other subreddits that are just a few months old that are verified.. And there is no way to manually submit your subreddit for verification.
  5. pastilan

    Does Reddit SEO Still Work?

    As of 2024, 60.67% of website traffic comes from Mobile Devices. By 2025, there will be over 1 billion 5G connections globally. 92.3% of internet users consider accessing the internet through their smartphones compared to other devices.
  6. pastilan

    Anyone knows how to index parasite? I'll gladly pay

    A month? No one wants that. Those who rank parasites are able to index their parasite pages within minutes without backlinks. If you are able to index your parasite pages within minutes after you post them, you will rank on top of page 1. Maybe you do not know that instant indexing is the key...
  7. pastilan

    Does Reddit SEO Still Work?

    Making your own subreddit and making it rank in Google is not a viable option because even if you manage to rank your new subreddit in Google, there won't be traffic because people won't be able to view the content of a subreddit that is new or unverified from the browser, Reddit will force the...
  8. pastilan

    BREAKING NEWS: Google Search Ranking Factors Were Leaked

    Google confirms the leaked Search documents are real
  9. pastilan

    Google Market Share hits all time low

    But according to this article it is not really:
  10. pastilan

    Why March 2024 core update not rolled out?

    It finished rolling out in April 19th
  11. pastilan

    Website Link Not Replaced in SERP

    Wait a little longer.
  12. pastilan

    Who wants to become a millionaire?

    I am a billionaire, ask me anything.
  13. pastilan

    How do you stay energized after eating a large meal?

    Large meals make me sleepy.
  14. pastilan

    How many of you are actually creating a separate GSC per site?

    I have been doing that for years
  15. pastilan

    what were you guys doing before reddit ? Now that its over and we are forced to quit what will you do next?

    Reddit is over? I did not know that it's over because on my end, I am still earning because of reddit.
  16. pastilan

    How old is your Adsense account?

    I used to have multiple Adsense accounts. My first Adsense account was in 2006, it lasted 4 years. Now I have one Adsense account left that dates back from 2013. I am using it for my Youtube channels.
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