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  1. hekke

    [WTH] Someone to make social profiles

    Hey, looking for someone to help me set up profiles/pages for social media that I can use. Each social media should have: - Description - Picture + header - Some random posts - Be created using proxies/a fake profile I will pay per batch of profiles - i.e. 10 profiles are $X. Not sure...
  2. hekke

    [BHW Services Ony] Journey to 100$ a day with Multi Niche Amazon Affiliate by end of 2020.

    I'm not offering any services on here, but if you want any help with anything - let me know!
  3. hekke

    What is meant by an authority niche site?

    An authority in SEO terms is a site that covers all topics around a specific niche. Sometimes it means a website with tons of articles.
  4. hekke

    Journey to building a website [following Income School]

    Build some links instead of putting too much time on design, just a tip :)
  5. hekke

    My 1st Amazon Affiliates Journey to $500 monthly

    Let's goooo! You'll reach it in no time :)
  6. hekke

    Doing my boss - site goes up. Otherwise - silence.

    Has he done it repeatedly? Or is it just one site he made that somehow ranked that quickly? Not all keywords are equal.
  7. hekke

    Esports/video games links

    I know that DFYlinks has some that I read about the other day, haven't tried myself nor am I affiliated with them, but seem good
  8. hekke

    hekke’s Guide to Building Affiliate Websites

    Thanks all :) Sure, done! 1. It can affect how fast you rank. Expired vs auctioned domains is a topic for another post, but expired (if powerful) should work good as well. 2. If there are no backlinks, it doesn't have any SEO power - so there is just as starting with a completely fresh...
  9. hekke

    hekke’s Guide to Building Affiliate Websites

    Thank you all! :) 1. Average word count depends, it is anything from 50 000 to 1 100 000 words :) Depends entirely on the scope of the niche. 2. Yes I have, several times but one that stands out: that I shared...
  10. hekke

    Important skills needed to create a successful Amazon Affiliate site?

    I really, really appreciate you always mentioning my threads when you recommend people to read up on stuff. Much love!
  11. hekke

    What is the best way to rank easily

    1. Buy an auctioned domain and build site on that 2. Buy PBN links from one of the many PBN sellers on here 3. Rank & profit
  12. hekke

    hekke’s Guide to Building Affiliate Websites

    I do not use metrics in that sense, I look at what sites link to the domain in question and, if there is enough high-quality sites linking to it, I buy it. The stronger the better, of course! 1. We (my team and I) usually go profitable within 3-9 months, which is quite a bit faster than the...
  13. hekke

    Who has the iPhone XR?

    I just bought one, because I have had my old iPhone for 4 years. So far it's great, but I am used to using an iPhone 6 with TouchAssist since the home button broke 2 years back lol
  14. hekke

    hekke’s Guide to Building Affiliate Websites

    What a great mass of comments lately! I've been on a train-only Europe trip visiting countries like Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and many others. I'd highly recommend it if you are living in Europe (or is interested in it). During this time it was caught to my attention that the thread was...
  15. hekke

    HELP What series make you say: One more episode

    Currently watching Silicon Valley again, I've binged that stuff this weekend so def that one. Not a huge series guy otherwise though
  16. hekke

    Started Fresh with Amazon Affiliate

    Good luck! Keep at it and you should succeed!
  17. hekke

    hekke’s Guide to Building Affiliate Websites

    I'll think about it - really I just push guest posts or PBNs steadily until the site is ranking where I want it to rank. Decide which of these roads you want to go with. I guess Shortcodes Ultimate or whatever it is called is good. My team is using a variety of plugins so not sure exactly which...
  18. hekke

    hekke’s Guide to Building Affiliate Websites

    I guess they just show broad data/metrics, not specific data (such as most visited page, keyword, etc). I don't use it that much other than checking word count personally. I don't see the point in doing so really. Do not neglect link building - that's all I have to say :) I have a few...
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