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  1. intence

    Gscraper Proxies 1/2K Per Day Life Time Subscription

    looking for gscraper proxies. i know recent updates have affected the proxies a bit but if its still working, im buying. PM me
  2. intence

    Gscraper Proxies 1/2K Per Day Life Time Subscription

    hey bud, im ready to purchase service 1. can you PM me?
  3. intence

    Tumblr grey / black marketer

    looking to hire someone well versed in tumblr that owns pages of their own with over 100k followers. the use of blackhat / automation / bots is ok. my page is in the luxury/motivation niche and looking to rapidly grow the following, reshares, and ultimately funnel traffic to my website...
  4. intence

    RANK and BANK with SERPIFY << The Organic CTR Traffic Exchange! >>

    can you explain the exchange 4:1, 2:1, 1:1, 1:2?
  5. intence

    Rank Your Android App in The Google Play Store!

    send me some examples. also i have a google play store rank tracker. i wouldnt mind rank tracking the rankings for an app youre working on as a case study and sharing with everyone
  6. intence

    Instagram tool to find top accounts based on followers and hashtag usage?

    looking for a tool that can identify the top instagram influencers by their reach, audience size, and frequency of hashtag usage. only tool i found so far was nitrogram but its quite expensive with a lot of other features i dont need...
  7. intence

    ScrapeBox Proxies 1/2k Google Passed Daily LifeTime Sub 100% Feedback

    PM me on how I can purchase your proxies. Thanks
  8. intence

    best solution for online membership courses?

    ive been looking around for some type of membership/online course platform. content for these courses would most likely be video. current site is wordpress and i wouldnt mind using a different standalone platform if needed. preferably would like an easy ability to integrate with clickbank...
  9. intence

    anyone affected by facebook fake likes crackdown?

    i've been watching closely on other pages I KNOW are buying fans are they are not affected, yet at least.
  10. intence

    can anyone help decode this for me?

    wow thanks. could you tell me what it was encoded in? like base64 etc? so I know in the future.
  11. intence

    can anyone help decode this for me?

    One of my sites got malware and the dreaded "this site may compromise your computer" warning. I found this in the source code but having trouble decoding it. Thanks for the help...
  12. intence

    code a simple script to open two URLs from one link

    haha i wish this would work but i need the second URL to execute that code for cookie reasons..
  13. intence

    code a simple script to open two URLs from one link

    I want to have one link open two URLs. The first URL would be: (for example) and opens in the same browser/window. The first URL will be different every time so you can use a place holder like or The second URL has to execute this and open in a...
  14. intence

    SEO reports for offline clients. What are you guys using?

    yup, just wanted to update that i just signed up for this and i really like what i see. the only thing that i wish it had was google adwords integration. but at the moment this is fantastic!
  15. intence

    Ultimate Niche Finder - Its OUT!!!!!!!!!

    for $60 total one time its not bad. cant go wrong for the price.
  16. intence

    [Group] How to make bank with Amazon

    send me an invite so i can check it out
  17. intence

    SEO reports for offline clients. What are you guys using?

    I'm looking for a SaaS service that has 'pretty' reports for SEO. Nice simple to understand graphs. Mainly rank tracking but integration of traffic stats and PPC adwords would be cool. Don't really care about social media or on-page SEO analyzers, or backlinks found. I'm using Rank Tracking...
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