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  1. J

    Help with facebook proxies

    Hi everyone... does anyone happen to know a good proxie service or a provider that has proxies that can login to accounts without roadblocking? My fb accounts are in US so I only use US proxies. I have used Squid,, WebmailSocks and no luck...please help thanks!
  2. J

    Need free US proxies for the next 10 hrs???

    Need some free US proxies right now 50 ports new different ip every 10 mins. This will just be for a few people...PM asap ;)
  3. J

    New FB Verifaction :(

    Facebook new verification is fucking horrible even with my real account. I hate there new algorithm system sucks and im sure its worse with bots....anyways where there is a will there is a way!!!
  4. J

    Please advice!! users wall posts!!

    I do ok with email submit but with a little trial and error or some good advice you can make descent money.
  5. J

    Who has the best proxies for FB

    I need some help in finding the right proxie provider for FB. I need 100's of proxies. I have read that FB blocks c blocks of ips so i need to find the right service. They need to be US so I don't get road blocked. If any one is having any luck with a good provider pm me or just post back....Thanks
  6. J

    Website For Free Text Confirmations?

    I have np paying for the answer too ;)
  7. J

    Help Setting Up Webcam Site

    I am also intereseted in this...can someone please help...thanks
  8. J

    Buying Airline tickets in BULK!?

    My suggestion is to call a travel agent they will point you in the right direction or even the airline.
  9. J

    I got Xrumer but now I need a partner

    Thanks to all who are willing to help you guys are great! But the reason I'm looking for a partner is to get this going on a larger faster scale. Which means Xrumer needs run on a server. Its obviously that two heads are better than one and since Xrumer is some what complicated it would be a lot...
  10. J

    I got Xrumer but now I need a partner

    My bad your right. This place just seems so big.
  11. J

    I got Xrumer but now I need a partner

    I bought Xrumer a few months back and its not as easy as I thought. I have some of the basics down. I obviously left it alone and I haven't gotten the courage to learn more and work on it again. I don't know why I didn't think of this before but it would be perfect to partner up with someone...
  12. J

    Can I *for sure* make money with Xrumer?

    I own Xrumer already maybe we can partner up and work on it together. So all we would need is a server. PM if you like to discuss further.
  13. J

    Covering my tracks....CPA

    Yeah, lets us know which CPA banned you....Your already banned anyways...We would like to see what gay CPA banned you. ;)
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